Tuesday, September 1, 2009

forty-four by eighty

over the weekend i put Mr. Husker's herd and home and haystack and woodpile and Old Orange (who is still missing his wheels) together with some new trees and a garden and a flagpole while ignoring the messy house and the dirty laundry and the trashed yard and ended up with this...
...and sewed the final seam connecting it to the other section last night...bottom to toptop to bottom
there is an unbelievably major mess in the magic shop ... i'm gonna put this away ... and then i'm gonna clean up the mess ... and then i'm gonna figure out how to piece cornstalks for the borders ... but before i do any of that i hafta go make a living and chase some dust bunnies around the house


  1. Now that is looking great. Love the homestead. Who won the race, the dust bunnies or you?

  2. I am having some serious LOVE for this quilt. He better love it too. Where are the dust bunnies on this quilt? tee hee

  3. That looks absolutely wonderful! I never did see in your blog, but who the heck is Mr. Husker, anyway? Whoever he is, he's a lucky man!

  4. Wonderful quilt Dianne....yeah who is Mr. Husker?
    I must have missed that...