Thursday, September 3, 2009

how 'bout them broncos?!?

win or lose ... it ain't no secret that there are bronco fans living in this house ... and one of them who shall remain anonymous but her initials are Auntia is a little bit goofy about the whole first and ten thing...
it doesn't matter that her blues don't match - those pants are classic and that's a Lynch jersey ... he's gone, but she has not forgotten
yes ... yes ... she actually does dress like that for every game ... she paints her toenails orange and blue ... she drinks Orange Crush with an orange straw in the official Wendy's Bronco 2009 Collectible Schedule Cup ... and she shakes those pompoms which her season-tickets-holding brother gave her as a consolation prize for having to sit at home and watch the game on a small screen tv instead of the excitement and pure joy of going to Invesco Field at Mile High and cheering them on in real life with him like a dallas cowboy (hiss!) cheerleader ... on steroids ... i gave her those classic sweatpants purchased for me, myself, and i the first time we went to the superbowl and were soundly trounced by the despised dallas cowboys in 1978 and in return...
dianne's IN-COM-PLETE bronco quilt
...she made this quilt for me ... if you look closely you can see the famous bronco head quilted from border to border...
bucking bronco
...and my sister embroidered this terrific towel for me ... it should come in handy for wiping sweat off my brow during tense moments ... and dabbing tears when we're losing ... and waving in the air when things are going our way as i dance the happy dance and shout woo hoo!!!
go broncos!!!

gotta go - the game's on

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  1. have one-eyed football fanatics in the good ole' US of A same as we do here! (not in this house though) Lovely bright colours aren't they.