Saturday, May 22, 2010

thursday night mow-in

it took two trips sideways and up and down around the lawn on thursday evening to mow it down to an acceptable level ... when Michael Myson told me that he was using a pair of scissors to trim the grass along the edges of his yard i gave all of those errant weed whackers to him with the hope that he will be able to get one of them to work ... yesterday i bought a pair of lawn clippers so i could trim the edges ... i just came in from trimming the front with those clippers ... they are going back to the store - there's a big difference between clipping and chewing
anywho ... the plan was to get the grass cut on thursday so that friday would be free for the Friday Night Sew-In ... i even remembered to bake a pot pie and some cookies earlier in the day so we wouldn't have to stop to fix dinner ... no excuses for not settling in for an evening's enjoyment of stitching ... except that i didn't really want to stitch ... i didn't want to eat pot pie ... i didn't even want to eat cookies ... all i wanted to do was go to bed ... anywho ... i had sewn pink sashings around some of the Pink and Orange BOM blocks that have been glaring at me for the past three months the other day...that one is for LuLu ... it's a lotta pink and orange, innit?
and decided to work on the purple sashings last night ... i thought that maybe for Peanut Butter Cup's purple quilt the alternate blocks would look better with different background colors...Peanut Butter Cup likes purple
bleck ... i left them on the design floor to see if the morning light made them look any better ... and went on to the PPSS BOM blocks for this month ... Auntia finished one of her blocks and has a good start on the other one cuz she is disciplined and doesn't meander from one thing to another to another like her mother but this is as far as i made it...hey!!! don't just leave us here!!!
before i gave up and went to bed like i wanted to in the first place ... and now it is saturday morning ... i still don't like the alternate blocks in Peanut Butter Cup's quilt - i think i'm gonna go with just purple backgrounds ... the paper-pieced bear paw is waiting for me, too ... maybe there will be a saturday night sew-in...
maybe not

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

silverlocks and the three barberries

once upon a time there was a crabby silver-haired old woman who was weary of cleaning up other peoples' dogs' poop and pee ... so she planted barberries along the front of her house...take that you little poop machines
the idea was any unsuspecting pup would lift a leg or assume the poop position and feel just enough pain to not ever go there again ... fast forward a year ... new neighbors moved in ... younger neighbors with a blended family ... little kids and teenagers ... whiffle balls and basketballs ... bicycles and tricycles ... skateboards and big wheels ... bowls of skittles (yes, the candy) for breakfast ... lottsa empty pizza boxes and high fructose corn syrup pop bottles at lunchtime ... we're talking kids with leather hides who don't care if they get poked by a few thorns ... after three years in the ground there was one barberry that was too tiny...curse that basketball
and another one that was too short...and curse the hoop that came with the basketball
and one that was juuuuuust about right...and the wannabe Bird Man who can't even hit the backboard
these pictures are from last year ... maybe it will soon stop snowing/raining/hailing/blowing long enough to check out this year's happily ever after

Sunday, May 16, 2010

dis and dat

this is my youngest granddaughter and her little friend... dat and dis
both of them can sign please and thank you and more and eat and milk
but when they actually talk
LuLu says
dat dat dat dat
and her little friend says
dis dis dis dis

Friday, May 14, 2010

it's midnight

do you know where your seam ripper is?!?

i have been having no fun in the magick shoppe ... just getting into it was becoming an exercise in exercise ... i had to suck in my belly to get past the iron ... and then slide sideways to get to Sven ... and then hold my breath while i sat and scooted in the chair

flashback to the last time the room was such a mess... i dropped my favorite seam ripper on the floor and i was afraid of the monsters under the sewing table so i left it there ... i kept losing Sven's foot pedal cuz it was hiding from me and the monsters so i was nudging and pushing and kicking my foot around to find it ... i felt a sharp stab on the side of my foot ... i'm always stepping on pins cuz i'm too lazy to pick them up when they fall so i ignored it and foot-groped for the pedal a bit more ... big mistake ... whatever was stabbing my foot went in a bit deeper ... and deeper ... and hurt more and more ... i sighed and pulled my foot out from the depths of darkness ... and found the seam ripper sticking out of it ... boinging up and down ... up and down ... up and down ... i gasped and yanked out the ripper ... shee-ooot!

anywho ... i don't ever want to get stabbed in the foot or anyplace else by a seam ripper or anything else again ...... so i started digging my way out of the mess ... again ...... the past two weekends were pretty much spent excavating my side of the magick shoppe ... i found are so beautiful to me
stuffed into a big purple bin ... i sewed the last border onto this monstrosity on april 30, 2008 ... it is for me ... and i want it ... i want it quilted ... and i want it bound ... and i want it on my bed before this...may 13, 2010 - another spring storm on the front range
starts up again in the fall ... of this year ...... it's midnight ... and i know where my seam ripper is ... now where did i put my ambition?


hippie chick

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sounds like a plan

the bad news is ... i still don't like my SS3 BOM blocks ... i don't very much like working with templates and i really don't like my fabric selection ... it's been 10 months and i'm no closer to feeling the love... look closely and you might see a heart and stars ... look too closely and you'll see points that didn't quite meet
the good news is ... i have a plan of sorts...oooo! elephants!
doesn't look like much ... and the other two blocks will be two months in the making ... but it IS a plan kinda ... and maybe these BOMs will grow up and be a quilt someday

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sex flies

a woman walked into the kitchen and found her husband stalking around with a fly swatter

what are you doing?

hunting flies

oh-kay ... killing any?

yep ... 3 males and 2 females

oh really? how can you tell them apart?

3 were on a beer can ... 2 were on the phone

this joke was brought to you by my sister ...... i swatted the first fly of the season this afternoon but i dunno if it was a boy fly or a girl fly cuz it wasn't on a beer can or the phone

you can tell that it is spring time in the northern hemisphere - Gran posted about tote virgins and Kim posted about textile dysfunction ...... it's the season for it, innit?