Friday, February 7, 2020

buffalo wings

sometimes i shop for myself and give whatever it is that i think i can't live without to Melissa
 to give back to me for whatever holiday is next...

a couple of christmases ago
Melissa gave me a buffalo panel

i wanted it cuz of the buffalo
for the White Buffalo quilt that i'm supposed to be making but hasn't seen the light of day for a gazillion three years
but when i got a good look at it 
i fell in lurve with the bluebirds...
do bluebirds actually hang out with buffalo?
i dunno - but i'd like to think that they do


my mom lurved bluebirds, too
i was really missing her 
and i thought
why not surround that big old buffalo with a bunch more bluebirds?!?

so i bought the Feathers pattern from The Pattern Basket
and, since it was spring, tested it with robins...

and after tweaking it a bit, drafted it for paper-piecing

then did a mirror image so the birds could be facing each other

and went shopping for blues and oranges and creams

and started piecing birds

boy birds and girl birds with prairie point beaks

that surrounded that big old buffalo...
it was getting a bit larger than planned and i was running outta background fabric

and even though there were more birds in the flock 
a decision was made to STOP with the front

 and add the other birds to the back...
along with another buffalo panel 
that was also purchased for the White Buffalo quilt  - twice - so there was a spare
cuz i can't ever remember what i have and what i think i have in the Great Pile of Stuff

and then sent off to Liz the World's Most Awesome Longarm Quilter in Michigan 
to be quilted with buffalo...
after Liz worked her magick 
it was trimmed and bound...
the girl birds are facing right 
and the boy birds are facing not right for a reason, y'all
too bad i used all that leftover fabric from the front cuz i was gonna need more of those blues a couple of months later when i started the piecing for Serenity!!!

 and named Buffalo Wings!!!
cuz, seriously, with buffalo and wings 
what else could it be named?!?

Left wing, chicken wing, it don't make no difference to me.
Woody Guthrie

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

ta done

sheesh - that's almost three years ago!!!

i'd managed to piece two rays
with four to go...

fast forward to whenever this fabric:
arrived on the scene 

and i knew without even seeing it in Real Life that 
even if i had no idea where else to go with the front
i'd found the backing for Mother Earth Father Sky

so i ordered the panel and some coordinating space fabric...

appliqued (shudder) a moon for the name...

and put the backing together...

and i gave myself a deadline 
by embroidering an end date on the moon...

which, of course, meant that it was past time to work on those rays...

so i finished the final four and added some black fabric around them...
and found myself stuck again...

it looked more like a Black Hole swallowing up Mother Earth
than like Father Sky...

so i paper-pieced a full moon...
which was a bit better...

but not enough...

maybe the Solar System? 

but how was i gonna manage to show Mercury and Venus in that little space between the Sun and Mother Earth without using the dreaded A word?!? 
(that's Applique, not the other dreaded A word)

what to do?!? what to do?!? what to do?!?


so Melissa helped me find buttons for the other eight planets 
cuz in THIS home, Pluto is still a planet
using USPS stamps as a reference...

we laid them out where they oughta go and 
i marked the different places with the names for each planet
 and embroidered those names
so that i would know where to sew on the buttons after it came back from Liz (the most wonderful of all longarm quilters EVER) ...

and then decided that it was still gonna need more of sumpin'...

what to do?!? what to do?!? what to do?!?


which meant RESEARCH!!!

and more embroidery...
and lots and lots of shopping at all the local Joann stores to find enough tiny white star buttons to add after quilting 
the white stars were in packages with red stars and blue stars 
and now i have a whole lotta red and blue star buttons taking up space in the Great Pile of Stuff
till i had this...
there is no up in Space
and i spread it out so everyone could see how wonderful it was
only to hear

What ARE those?!?


Are those SUPPOSED to be TEEPEES?!?


what to do?!? what to do?!? what to do?!?

hearths? yeah, hearths would leave no doubt that those are teepees...

so i searched and searched and searched for affordable campfire buttons
and came up empty-handed... 

back to the embroidery hoop...
hearth fires - that's gotta be teepees, right?!?
and then i decided that enough is enough
and sent it off to Liz to be quilted...

which she did, awesomely!!!

when Mother Earth Father Sky came back from its journey to Michigan 
it was time to trim and bind...

and sew on a gazillion buttons...

and become...
Ta Da!!!
Ta Done!!!

a quilt with so many sharp little star buttons that no one will ever be able to snuggle under it without looking like they've been chased through the briar patch...

and maybe it's okay for some quilts to be just for lookin' at
and not for sleepin' under...

Good design is like a refrigerator—when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks. 
Irene Au

Sunday, July 21, 2019

open door policy


disclaimer - this thought is not mine, originally