Friday, September 18, 2009

Drew and Elizabeth and Jamie

this quilt was on display when we went to The Quilters Studio for our BOM meetings...
why is everybody always picking on drew?
i was gonna write a post about the art quilts that have been displayed for the past few months ... but i dunno if or when i will ever get to it ... anywho, this is my favorite ... i have yet to make an art quilt so i am always in awe when i see one...
i have been diligently working on the corn blocks for Mr. Husker's borders but they don't look much different than the original picture ... i did make this month's required block for the SS3 BOM but i changed out two of the fabrics (they look much, much better - i found myself dreading the second saturday of the month because i knew i was gonna have to look at those ugly blocks again ... and i decided that i don't want to spend the next nine months hating the blocks i am making) and i have to remake the first two blocks before i take any more pictures of those beasties ... and i haven't started the last block (or the pink and orange versions) of the other BOM...
Auntia has a widget on her blog's sidebar that is counting down the days till An Echo in the Bone - the next book of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series - is published ... countdown clocks always make me nervous ... and this one is no different because i have been reading this...
i do not like eat pray love ... i do not like it with a dove ... i do not like it in a glove ... i do not like green eggs and ham ... i do not like them sam i am
for more than four months ...... it is not a big book ...... the print is not tiny ...... i am not a slow reader ... i just don't care enough about the author to read her out of her misery ... it took the first two months to get her out of Italy ... and quite frankly if it hadn't been for Luca Spaghetti i might have just left her there ... it took me another two months to get her out of India ... i was doing okay till Richard from Texas left and then i was ready to leave her at her guru's ashram to float along on her higher plane ... now she is in Indonesia with Ketut Liyer and - although Ketut seems to be a great medicine man - his character judgment may be faulty ... i just don't get Elizabeth Gilbert ... i haven't gotten her for more than three hundred pages ... and even though i am really close to finishing the book i am thinking that if she hasn't left Bali by the time tuesday rolls around ...... well ...... i am gonna put her in the giveaway pile and get on with reading about James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser


  1. If it doesn't grab you then don't finish it....I worked in school libraries for 25 years and used to tell the kids that the book police aren't looking over your shoulder to see how many pages you have read, unless it's for an assignment. Life is too short to spend it reading something that you are not enjoying.

    I do like the blue quilt in the background!

  2. I tried to read that book as well. I had heard how wonderful it was and Oprah raved about it. I only read a few pages and knew that I just didn't give a darn about the author. Plus I can always think of something more interesting to do with my time :o)

  3. OMG!! Yet another thing we have in common! I LOVE the Outlander series. I have not finished reading it yet but I am in love with it. I have the first three on my iPOD. I just finished Voyager and am beginning the next one. Aren't you in CO? I think DG is going to be there for a book signing and to promote the new one. You should check out her blog. If you need the address email me.