Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sooo last year...

today is Mr. Husker's sixty-oneth birthday ... i thought i would celebrate by showing the picture of him seeing What A Wonderful World (that's what the naming block says, but it will always be Mr. Husker's Homestead inside my head) for the very first time...what is that in that corncob?!? is that a ... it IS ... you just HAD to get CU in there somewhere, didn't you?!?
i think that it is safe to say that he really does like his quilt ... he put it on top of their bed - even though those greens and reds do not play well with the rest of the mauve yes, mauve room - and won't let my sister change back to the bedspread ... sometime during the first week after his birthday, she found him lying on top of the quilt, knees up to his chin so his toes wouldn't get scraped on the cows' button/ear tags...

what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you doing?!?

huh? what?!? i was trying to sleep...

get off of that quilt!!!


get off of that quilt! you don't sleep on top of quilts!!! you sleep UNDER them!!!

but ... it's my quilt ... i didn't know there were rules...

well, there ARE!!! now get off of that quilt!!!

but ... it's my quilt!!!


grumble ... mumble ... my quilt ... mumble ... grumble

p.s. - if you click on the blue letters, you will be able to see other pictures through the magic of links

Sunday, March 27, 2011


this month's Saturday Sampler Neutral BOM meeting coincided with pajama day at The Quiter's Studio ... 25% off the total purchase for showing up in pajamas by 9am ... Auntia had to drink a LOT of coffee to get going that morning...uh ... you have pinwheels on your head ... didja know that?!?
and she was willing to go out in public in her jammies...her dawgs are barkin'
she even ironed them so they would look nice ... but that's not all ... she ironed mine, too...yes, yes ... i can be bought ... but i ain't cheap!
i don't think i will be doing that again ... i just about froze to death cuz those jammies aren't that warm when they're not under a couple of quilts, a velux blanket and flannel sheets ... and those once-pristine pink fluffy slippers picked up a lotta dirt off the floor ... i'm just sayin'

duck ... duck...

duck ... duck ...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

that's all?!?

this is what i ended up with...blue baby afghan for Whatisit if he is a boy and bindings for the last three pink & orange BOM quilts
after starting with this...four rounds left on the little blue afghan and a pile of binding fabric
i use the pink sticky arrow to show me what round i am supposed to be working on ... it moved off of the last page of instructions ... back through the first page ... and onto the middle of the second page...flashback
i wasn't sold on making a big yarn doily and calling it an afghan, but flashback
will be my fourth one after it is finished ... so i guess i like the idea more than i thought i would

and that's what i did with my friday night ... yep ... that's all!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

seeing red

but not really...

on the first saturday of march, we went to the first Hot Flashes meeting at The Quilter's Studio ... this BOM has the same rules as the other BOMsSheri's Seeing Red block and the Hot Flashes pattern
$5 fee for the first kit
watch and listen to the demonstration on
how to make the block
show up at 9am on the first saturday of the next mon
th with a completed block - and the new kit is free (no, there is no such thing as a free kit ... or kitten ... but it is fun to think that we're getting something for nothing)
don't show up or show up late and/or without a completed block and pay $5 for the new kit
the BOMer is required to buy the pattern and the background fabric

Auntia and i are sharing the pattern ... she chose a white-on-white fabric with big bubble-looking spots for her background ... my background is w
hite-on-white asterisks
yeah, asterisks
lots and lots of **************'s
cuz i've been th
rough menopause and it ain't for wimps, lemmetellya!!!

this is the reason that i wanted to make the quilt with TQS's BOM kits...Auntia's shaded black fabric
the fabric that The Quilter's Studio will provide is Shades by Kinkame for Clothworks Fabric and it is pretty doggone cool ... it changes shades from selvage to selvage ... but fat quarters would have only half of the shading and that means
the dreaded "Y" word
i love fabric ... yards and yards of fabric ... but i don't want to buy yards and yards of Shades because...
there are at least 17 different colors and i would have to have them all
the fabric looks really cool, but it feels kinda ... icky
TQS cuts fabric off the bolt with a rotary cutter and straight edge instead of tearin
g it on grain ... by the time the fabric is straightened, it is usually an inch or two short on each end
so instead of buying 1/4 yard and having 9 inches of fabric to work with, i have to add another 1/4 yard to be sure that i have 9 inches after it is straightened

and so in these uncertain economic times once monthly BOM meetin
gs it is

Hot Flashes is a waaaay cool pattern ... each of the twelve blocks is named for the fun experiences of menopause ... this month's block is called SE
EING RED ... but the kits don't have red fabric in them...this is MY block
TQS chose to use blue and brown ... Auntia doesn't like the brown, so she bought 1/2 yard of black Shades...this is AUNTIA's block ... and yes, we DO need a new ironing board cover
i tried ... i really and truly tried ... to let the shading fall where ever ... i guess random just doesn't work for me

half of the BOMers didn't show up ... so you'd think that the rest of us could have played nicely together, right?!?
there were fifteen empty chairs - but Ms. ISellBerninas had to sit behind us ... sigh ... the good news - we are not the only mother/daughter team ... there are two others ... and one of those two teams is almost as much fun as we are ... bwah ha ha ha!!!

tomorrow is FNSI ... and i have lots to work on

Friday, March 4, 2011

cuzzin' up a storm

Auntia and i are going to the new Saturday Sampler BOM meeting at The Quilter's Studio tomorrow morning ... i hesitated to sign up for yet another BOM
cuz it eats up so many saturday mornings
and cuz it is a long drive there and back again with gas prices climbing higher
and cuz i find myself waiting till the last minute to put the required blocks together
and cuz i have finished only four of the nine quilts that i've started with BOMs even though i've participated in only 4 sets of BOM meetings
cuz you surely don't think that i'm not gonna make the required and the alternate blocks in another colorway, do you?!?

and cuz some of the people who attend the meetings are not a lotta fun to be around
and cuz some of them are downright mean-spirited

and cuz i don't really need to make another commitment right now
and cuz ... well ... just cuz...

but then i found out that we're gonna be making Hot Flashes ... hmmmm ... well ... all righty then ... i guess i can do that ... and it will be a whole lot more fun than the current Saturday Sampler BOM of neutrals shudder that Auntia talked me into signing up for ... i'm giving my neutral blocks to her cuz she likes beige shudder and has plans for a coffee quilt or sumpin'...

anywho ... i did manage to meet up with Peanut Butter Cup and give Daisy Duke to her...oh look!!! see the little monkey in the background?!?
she didn't want to stand in front of the quilt for a picture ... or behind it ... or to the right side ... or to the left side ... no ... she wanted to be in it...Daisy Duke and Peanut Butter Cup - don't they make a lovely pair?!?
which is why i made it...