Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sleeping beauty

when it was time for nap, LuLu used to sleep in a play yard also known as a playpen by politically incorrect people ... like me in my room ... there are always warning signs when a little one is getting too old for a play yard ... when you walk into the room and the kid is buck naked with clothes, toys, blankets and binkies tossed over the side ... when you walk into the room and find the kid with one leg thrown over the top of the play yard, and the other leg soon to follow ... when you hear a loud thump and the kid comes running down the hall toward you, yelling

i do it myself!!!

we might have noticed one or two ... or three of those signs last week ... so we used a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's to buy a Tangled nap mat for LuLu ... Auntia decided that the nap mat pillow wasn't fluffy enough, so she made some pillowcases ...but we didn't have extra pillows to stuff them with for LuLu's first nap...aaaaawwwww!!! my little LuLu is soooo doggone cute!!!

she fell asleep anyway because...

there is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience
French proverb

Sunday, May 22, 2011

hormonal derangement

not that anyone here would know anything about raging hormones...

have i ever told you about the time when a sullen, hormonal teenager and an emotional, hormonal pregnant twenty-something and a worn-out menopausal, hormonal forty-
something all lived under the same roof? this roof, to be exact ... sometimes i wonder how we all lived through it without our heads spinning in circles and spewing pea soup on the kindly priest...

anywho ... this month's Hot Flashes BOM block is hormonal derangement...mine
my little kit was cut from the same bolt of Shades fabric as Auntia's...Auntia's
and i tried to get her to trade with me cuz periwinkle blue is way more awesome than pink even though i do love pink, too but she has developed super powers when it comes to not hearing my whining ... Sheri the Shop Owner made the blocks with Shades fabric and with batiks...Sheri's Hormonal Derangement blocks
i like this block ... but it will finish at 15 inches and i think i would like it better if it was Thelma Sized to a 9 inch block

i am taking copious notes in a Wonder Woman spiral ... and we are keeping our pattern and kits in a Wonder Woman folder ... so Auntia decided that we needed a Wonder Woman sumpin to keep everything in one place...Wonder Woman ... Wonder Woman
all the world is waiting for you
and the powers you possess
in your satin tights
fighting for your rights
and the old red white and blue
make a hawk a dove
stop a war with love
make a liar tell the truth
stop a bullet cold
make the Axis fall
change their minds and change the world

you're a wonder, Wonder Woman ... but i cannot even imagine an island filled with hormonal Amazons

Saturday, May 21, 2011

herd of birds

last night was the Friday Night Sew-In and it was for the birds...
no blue skies around here the past few days ... maybe i should have waited for the leaves to dry a bit
i've been piecing flying geese for the past couple of weeks ... after some slicing and dicing and a bit of heat those became these...gaggle of geese ... herd of birds
i am not too keen on the idea of trimming a gazillion little birdies, lemmetellya

i worked on HPV not the virus a bit, paper-piecing patterns for tombstones?!? seriously?!?
i couldn't find any patterns for tombstones, so the Little Red Hen had to do it herself...a bit morbid, innit?!?
i had never tried to draft a paper-piecing pattern before ... they'll do, i guess

maybe today i will get the grass mowed and some of those weeds pulled ... yeah, like that's gonna happen when i have a gazillion wings to clip

Thursday, May 12, 2011

inquiring minds

wanted to know...

yes, there IS a person sleeping under and over those quilts - but it is NOT me cuz i wouldn't be able to get back up again if i slept on the floor ... it is Gumdrop ... she made that nest and slept in it for a couple of hours ... her hair was a mess when she woke up...

Seven of 9 is the seventh of 9 sets of blocks from BOMs that had been, have been, and are waiting to be made into quilts - which makes for a waaaay cool name...

i asked the EA-Team if i could take a picture of their Hot Flashes blocks and they said sure, just keep us outta the picture...Andrea's is on the left, Edna's is on the rightand a closeup of Edna's - the background is blacker than it looks in the picture
i dunno why they didn't want to be photographed cuz they are nice, neat, clean, attractive human beings with terrific senses of humor cuz they think i'm witty and funny - bwah ha ha ... Edna did say something about not wanting to be made infamous on the InterNet...

Auntia's Given Name is Melissa ... we DO know that Auntia is like saying aunt aunt ... when NoJo was a little bitty guy, he thought that he was speaking spanish if he added "ah" or "oh" to the end of any word - he also had/has two Aunt Melissas - so he differentiated between the two by calling our Melissa Auntia Melissa and the other Melissa Auntie Melissa ... and it stuck cuz now all of our Melissa's nieces and nephews and a few other kids who aren't related but oughtta be call her Auntia ... and so do i most of the time ... she also answers to Lace and Liss and Mah-lissa ... and Dinner's Ready...

and just in case you were wondering about the weather it has rained here for more than 24 hours ... i knew that if i watered the grass, it would rain ... i'm just glad that we didn't take Auntia's car through the car wash because then there would have been a deluge ... and i'm really glad that it is rain and not snow cuz i don't have to shovel rain...

Friday, May 6, 2011

is it naptime yet?

i love naps ... i would take a nap every day if i could ... Gumdrop hated taking naps when she was little and i would tell her that someday she would wish that she could take a nap but time would tell her anybody home?!?
and that is why spring break was invented...
the quilt on top is named Butterfly Kisses and it was the first quilt i made for her ... and the next one is Mellow Yellow ... then there is the Pooh Bear nap mat that she outgrew four or five years ago ... and Space Exploration (another Stack n Whack that everyone saw coming and avoided taking possession of - so it lives here with me) is under it ... perfect for taking a nap on a chilly spring day...

I usually take a two hour nap from one to four.
Yogi Berra

Thursday, May 5, 2011

mental pause

was the Hot Flashes BOM for april ... the Shades fabric is soooo thin (kinda like a cheap sheet) that the camera's flash was reflected off the floor behind it when i tried to take a picture, so i put last month's block under Mental Pause...mine with brown
and of course you can see the other blocks a bit around the edges...Auntia's with black
there is a quilter in the meeting after ours who is making her blocks with a black background - i didn't get a good picture of it cuz they were actually behaving in their meeting - but you can kinda see it draped over the back of the chair...Sheri is demonstrating construction of the Hot Flashes blocks in another fabric line for the 2nd BOM group
most of us thought we needed to use cream or white backgrounds with the Shades fabric, but it actually looks pretty doggone awesome with black ... not awesome enough for me to start over, but Edna (the mother part of the other mother/daughter team ... you know, the ones who are almost as much fun as Auntia and i are) has decided to redo hers in black ... maybe i will get a better picture at the meeting on saturday morning...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

two sweet

my baby girl and my grandbaby girl...
Auntia (the aunt) and LuLu (the niece) smooching
both of them were having a good hair day - bwah ha ha!!!