Tuesday, September 29, 2009

an affair to remember

last friday and saturday there was a gathering of quilt-minded people at the Boulder County Fairgrounds for the Quilt Affair ... fantastic quilts were hanging all over the building...
... and there were lots of vendor booths waiting for us to spend money ... we arrived just after it opened on saturday morning and wandered up and down the aisles, oohing and aahing like it was a fourth of july fireworks display ... it's been a long time since we've gone to the Affair and i had forgotten how crowded it gets ... by the time my sister and her daughter and granddaughter met us it was booth to booth people and whoever said that quilters are the nicest people never got between two of them who want the same fat quarter ...... i ordered a book of christmas quilts from one of the vendors (they were from Kansas and will ship it for free - woo hoo!) and i saw Auntia buy a book from the same booth (about Route 66 - i didn't get a good look at it but what i saw was awesome) for me for christmas but i'm not supposed to know about it so don't tell her that i know but i have no idea who the people are and i can't ask Auntia cuz i'm not supposed to know about the book ... we were about to leave when Auntia disappeared..
the garlic will keep vampires away
...and came back with a yard of garlic fabric for me ... i am making an apron and i wanted to make the pockets out of garlic but i didn't want to cut into the only garlic fat quarter that i have ... now i can have my garlic and cut it, too! i bought the halloween panel because it kinda looks like Hocuspocusville...yum yum yum - no calorie desserts!
...i thought this quilt was sweet ... i used the same green cupcake fabric for an apron for Auntia ... i hadn't noticed the fairie quilt hanging right next to it till i saw the picture ... i have some of that fabric, too ...... after we left the Affair, we stopped at Schlotsky's for sandwiches and then drove to Nicci's house (which is also Mr. Husker's homestead) for lunch...from the mountains to the prairies
...that is Long's Peak - yes, it is covered with snow because it was freakin' freezin' here last week ... two quilts on the bed and i was still cold ...... after a lovely afternoon in my sister's good company, we headed to the yard sale at The Quilters Studio ... buy three yards and get the fourth yard free...i do love my wintergraphix
...i think that is gonna be the inner border on my wintergraphix quilt ... and i have longed for these fabrics since they first came out...deja brew
...we stayed around for the shop sampler auction ... for every $10 that you spend, you get a ticket ... every two or three months TQS auctions off their old samples and the customers bid on them with tickets that they have been given for their purchases ... at the last auction we bid on and won a lunch tote ... we didn't have very many tickets because we've been kinda frugal ... there are a couple of quilters who always have fists full of tickets and they usually outbid the rest of us ... this time was no exception - the first item auctioned went for 50 tickets (yeah - i did the math - that's $500 worth of purchases - sheesh) ... but that particular quilter put the rest of her tickets on the counter and said that whoever wanted them could have them - she already had the quilt she wanted ... wow - there were at least 70 more tickets (uh huh - i did the math again - another $700 - sheesh) ... so this time we managed to bring home this quilt......Auntia thinks it's really ugly ... but i like the quilting - it is quilted with red metallic thread and sparkles in the sun ... it does kinda look like a moving blanket ... but i don't care cuz someone put a lot of effort into this little quilt and it is the perfect size for LuLu to play on the floor ...... and it was free

Mama T is having a giveaway to celebrate her first year of blogging - check it out ... and her grandsons are almost as cute as mine!


  1. Love the pic of the pairies and mountains, isn't it gorgeous....I'm sure it was cold, but it looks beautiful.
    Haven't heard of the ticket/auction system before, it all seems too complicated for my tiny brain. But the quilt you scored is interesting and bright.

  2. What a great quilt you won and I love the fabric you bought. Sounds like you has a great time at the quilt show

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Brrrrrrrr it is finally cooling down. First cold morning here since I can't remember. I had to did my housecoat out.
    Love your blog, travels and purchases & wins. The ticket idea is something I have not heard of before. I guess the big spenders always win!


  4. LOL! I have that cupcake fabric....