Friday, April 30, 2010


last month's Paper-Pieced Saturday Sampler BOM meeting wasn't as boisterous as usual ... More Than A Gardner and Peggy Money Penny and Peggy Perfect showed up for the 10:00 instead of the early meeting but it was still loud and crowded ... lottsa grumbling ... and grouching ... the Hoarse Whisperer asked if it was ever gonna stop taking three hours to make one 6-inch block ... i'm thinking that if we'd all stop whining and start sewing we just might show some progress
and maybe ... just maybe ... if i would pay attention to the little numbers on the foundation paper instead of adding pieces whenever i decide to i might not have to rip out so many stitches
i'm gonna blame some of my poor judgment on inhaling smoke from a burning electric motor ... when i was assembling my blocks a couple of weeks ago, Auntia was in the kitchen making frosting for her cake decorating lesson ... i smelled burning plastic ... and heard a whole lotta discouraging words ... and then more smoke wafted up the stairs ... along with even more disgruntled language ... then the front door slammed ... and slammed again ... when i peeked down the stairs i saw some stomping and flailing and some huffing and puffing ... i opened two windows and hid in the magick shoppe till Auntia's temper cooled ... i gave my poor little hand mixer a decent burial after he stopped spewing sparks and smoldering ... and when the air was finally clear i was able to finish my blocks...Jack in the Pulpit and Big T
i have seven teapots and a teacup stitched for alternate blocks...bor-ing!
i'm already bored with the floss colors ... i might end up breaking my own rule and adding some more greens and yellows
even though i told myself
don't do it!
this is a blue and white quilt ... you are already breaking the rules by allowing any green and yellow
do you remember what happened with Sunny-Side Up?!? your blue and white quilt looked liked fried eggs!

just shut up and stitch with what you have!
i dunno ... maybe it's just a delayed response to smoke and sparks and flames

Thursday, April 29, 2010

spring ain't sprung

the world outside my door this morning...springtime in the rockies
is windy and white and wet and wild...
yesterday the high was 79 degrees (Fahrenheit) ... sheesh

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cake decorating 201

Auntia and Mrs. Moth decided to learn cake decorating ... separately ... Auntia went to Jo-Ann Fabric for the first course last year and i posted about it here ... Mrs. Moth went to Michaels for the first course early this year and i didn't post about it cuz i was too busy eating the cakes that she made each week and i didn't get any pictures .... they took the second course together ... last night was their graduation...last picture first cuz they are even prettier than their cakes
and i drove over just before the end of class so i could see them working their magick and make sure that at least one of the cakes came home with me...check out those aprons!who has a problem with asymmetry?who does not have a problem with asymmetry?
i was making them nervous and disrupting the class ... so i went shopping while they finished up...Auntia's finished cake
they learned how to basket weave with frosting...Angela's finished cake
the flowers taste like a spoon full of pretty sugar - and no pollen! i dunno how Mrs. Moth's cake tastes ... but Auntia's is To. Die. For.
i wonder ... if i make them some more aprons ... will they keep me in cakes for the rest of forever?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


kinda sums up what i've been doing since noon ... Auntia and Mrs. Moth are taking the second of the Wilton cake decorating courses ... one of them who shall remain anonymous but her initials are Angela didn't have an apron ... she's been borrowing Little Nonnie's Sylvester and Tweety apron for the classes ... since the last class is tomorrow night and i am so incredibly proud of my baby girls' frosting flowers and i needed to sew aunt hill into an apron for my sister, i decided to make aprons today ... Auntia is busy frosting cakes so i had to use the plate holder as a mannequin...aunt hill and her slice of life
aunt hill's backup plan
one guess who this one is for
can you tell who her favorite transformer (robots in disguise) is?
the power of the dark side
purple tulips and bumblebees for Mrs. Moth
i managed to break the frosting birds that are supposed to go on the cakes - they shattered like glass and made a mess all over the floor ... anywho ... these are the flowers that are gonna go on the cakes...daffodils and roses and daisies and cherry blossoms and primroses and pansies and violets! suh-weet!!!
we managed to salvage two of the four birds - but they don't have beaks anymore
i dunno if i'll try to make three aprons in one afternoon again ... Sven and i feel like we've been beaten with a stick

Friday, April 23, 2010

aunt hill

months and months and months ago i started an applique project ... i wanted to make a special sumpin sumpin for my sister ... for mother's day ... this year ... which is now just 16 days away ... so i went looking for it today ... and couldn't find it under the stack of stuff that has piled up in the months and months and months since i last worked on it ... but Auntia the finder of all things knew right where it was and brought it to me ... so i stitched and stitched and stitched today...ants in her pants
and actually finished the embroidery ... and then i sewed for a bit ... aunt hill is now a pocket for the special sumpin sumpin ... and i just might get it done ... for mother's day ... this year

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

airing dirty laundry

i finished stitching Hagatha's Dirty Laundry...i love that little kitty!
hard water ... stains added ... and she'll wash anything!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

FNSI and other acronyms

last night was the Friday Night Sew-In ... and i almost blew it ... i knew about it in plenty of time ... as a matter of fact, yesterday afternoon i asked Auntia what she was gonna be working on ... what she said was
F and G
what i heard was
i used to work at a Company that is FAMOUS for its acronyms ... my favorite was Fast Action Response Team ... but then they came up with International Fast Action Response Team ... i had just taken a sip of coffee the first time i read that and i almost spewed ... anywho ... i was trying to work out what F.N.G. might stand for and you do not want to know what i said out loud cuz it was not okay when my mind decided that it had actually heard
effing g
i gasped and said

in my best shame on you!!! voice ... and then i had to admit what i thought she had said ... she shook her head at me and sighed
anywho ... after a day of work and errands i found myself sitting down at the computer to catch up on reading blogs ... i guess i don't have to add anything to that ... my mind crept back to the real world at o'dark-thirty and i remembered that i was supposed to be having fun stitching ... it was too late to cut anything and i couldn't settle at the machine to sew the last two seams of the SS3 BOM ... so i picked up my PPSS BOM embroidery...twisted vs simple
and finished the last bit of the yellow rose teacup ... then i stitched the outline of the dogwood teacup and saucer which isn't really as warped as it looks in the picture ... but i couldn't focus on the pale blue floss for the dogwood flowers ... so i put that away and took out HPV and worked a bit mostly taking out two-stranded stitches where i was supposed to use just one strand ... i stitched my way through two discs of AEITB before i decided that it was time to turn out the light cuz we had to get up early this morning to go on the OSSH ... and that's how i spent my FNSI

Thursday, April 8, 2010

alphabet soup

after i finished what a wonderful world, i loaded the frame with alphabet soup - a flimsy that has been waiting to be quilted since ... let me go check ... december 28, 2007 ...... i started it in september of the same year - right after i found out that there would be a new little sunday - but i kept stalling out ... the expectant parents decided that they weren't gonna know the baby's gender till her birth day ... and then i was told that the baby's room was gonna have an under the sea theme ... so i put away alphabet soup and started working on a turtle quilt ... but i ran out of blue wave fabric and put the turtles away ... i took alphabet soup back out and decided that it was far too loud for a baby and added an outer border to calm it down ... and then i decided that a bitty baby probably wouldn't want a quilt with a bunch of sharp pencils pieced all over it and went back to the turtle quilt ... but the turtle quilt was too blue ... i came up with the brilliant - not! idea of making a signature quilt for the new baby ... so i sewed together a backing and some binding and put alphabet soup in a project bag under the quilting frame ... and promptly forgot about it ...... anywho ...... i finished quilting it a few days ago...see what i mean about those sharp pencils?a ... b ... see ... all those inconsistent stitches
i dunno what photo shop has against those colors - that's actually cheeto orange and crackly lavender and dark sky bluechalkboard green flannel wasn't on sale - so i settled for moss green - which you wouldn't know looking at that picture
the new little sunday just celebrated her second birthday and ended up with a way cool quilt named Good Wishes Fishes ... so alphabet soup is gonna go hug my favorite blue-eyed blond-headed boy
but ... wait ... that's not the end of the story ... i went looking for one of the practice pencils to use for the naming block and found this...leftovers ... groan
i guess i'm not done after all