Sunday, September 20, 2009

well, that took a little longer than i had hoped

while the broncos were playing against the browns ... i managed to finish the required first saturday of the month BOM and the pink and orange colorway blocks...scrap basket and lemoyne star
this is the last of them ...... i haven't posted any of the other colorway required blocks from this BOM because i am giving all of them to Auntia to add to the blocks that she has made ... they are 9 inch blocks and twelve of them just aren't enough even for a decent-sized crib quilt ...... now i have no excuse for not putting the pink and orange blocks into three quilts for my granddaughters ... oh, wait! yes i do! my not so local quilt store is no longer carrying Lakehouse fabric - they ran out of the blue hydrangea fabric line for this BOM and had difficulty finding enough from other sources to finish out the kits ... the last time i was there i couldn't find anything that would work for sashings, cornerstones, or borders and i was feeling a little panicky ... yikes ... not to worry - Desperate Quilters has a whole bunch of Lakehouse fabric ...... i was hoping to have enough time to lay out the blocks and decide on settings for each of the quilts ... but making the blocks ate up the afternoon ... and now i'm gonna go eat up the chicken parmesan that has been calling my name


  1. Love the colours! need more than that to make a decent sized quilt.

  2. Wow, love the colours - well done. And you know how to make Chicken Parmesan - got a recipe???


  3. They're gorgeous blocks! I love bright pink and orange together. It's very nice of you to give them to a friend so she can make a larger block.

  4. Those blocks just make me feel warm. I love the colors!