Tuesday, November 30, 2010

neat ... sweet ... petite

it didn't get finished in time for halloween ... but the Ghastlies did make it off the quilting frame in time for thanksgiving...really awful photo - yes, those are my good shoes...another one - even worse
... the backing is black flannel even though it looks grey in the picture and i soon found out that black flannel is a major lint trap and the roses are quilted with bright pink thread...neat ... sweet ... petite
...and this little quilt (40-something by 60-something) has gone to live with my sister ... Auntia has loaded the frame with our first BOM sampler ... she promised one of her brothers a quilt from the BOM blocks last christmas and was determined to finish in time for this christmas ... but then she bonked her head on the one exposed bolt of the quilting frame and didn't touch it again for a couple of weeks...

there was a bit of drama and trauma over the thanksgiving weekend that involved Thor the Viking MegaQuilter that lives on the quilting frame, his gigantically thick needle, Auntia's thumb, the needle-down button, a bit of thread, and the kitchen floor ... but that is for another post ... when and if i ever see the humor in the situation...

Saturday, November 20, 2010


yesterday was the Friday Night Sew-In ... last month i ran afoul of the underside of the quilting frame and called it an early night ... so this time around i stayed well away from the frame and did some hand embroidery...is anyone else getting sick of looking at these teapots?!?
the teapot's outline was already stitched and my goal was to finish the butterf
lies ... but they looked like they needed a place to land - so i stitched until it was finished ... i'm supposed to stitch two teapots each month in order to keep up with the PPSS BOM blocks but i was a slacker last month and didn't finish any ... so ... now october's are stitched and even if i don't embroider november's teapots, i won't be behind till december 1 - bwah ha ha and november's are ready to go...
then i sewed a bit on the flying geese for Auntia's christmas present...32 of these little puppies
and they are ready to trim ... it's okay if i post about it since she already
knows and has accepted the fact that it will not be a full-grown quilt by december 25 and, in fact, chose the fabric line ... so ... no surprises for you, baby girl!
i have been putting it off for months because i'd kinda had enough of wolves but luckily for Auntia the fabric just happened to be among the stuff stacked up against my bedroom wall that has to be cleared out so my bedroom can morph from a stash closet back into a place to actually sleep so i can make room to paint next spring and hang the new shade that has been in the closet for six years now and whatever else needs to happen...

guess i oughta start another list...

Friday, November 19, 2010

would you like some cheese with that?

a real man is his woman's best friend

he will never stand her up
and he will never let her down

he will reassure her when she feels insecure
and he will comfort her after a bad day

he will inspire her to do things she never thought she could do
and to live without fear or regret

he will enable her to express her deepest emotions
and give in to her deepest desires

he will make sure she always feels as though she is the most beautiful woman in the room

he will enable her to be confident...



and invincible...



i'm thinking of wine...

that's what wine does...

never mind

tonight is the Friday Night Sew-In ... time to hunker down and stitch

Friday, November 12, 2010

i guess so

it snowed on tuesday
and again yesterday
so i guess i was the major holdup

aw come on - you know it's always all about me

and since you asked here are the particulars about the quilt

the quilt is 103 x 103 inches square and it really is square ... the pillow shams are 28 x 28 inches square or, rather, they started out square but the cording around the edges made them a little rounded ... there are 20 small blocks in the quilt that are 9 x 9 inches without the black borders ... the flying geese which started out being birds but decided to be mountains are 1-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches and there are a gazillion of them ... each of the small blocks are quilted with a columbine in the middle ... and there is a columbine in the center of each of the set-in squares of the morning star i wanted Julie Kramer Cole type animals ... each of the mountains has a quilted aspen leaf ... and the morning star which i had envisioned quilted with a circle of life mandala has flaming rays bursting out from the center

sixteen of the small blocks are from the 200ummm5 i think Rocky Mountain Quilt Fever Shop Hop ... we'd never shop hopped before and it took us all of the three days to make it to fourteen shops - ranging from Boulder to Layfayette to Westminster to Broomfield to Wheatridge to Centennial to Parker to Colorado Springs to Evergreen to Littleton to Englewood to Denver but not in that particular order and we covered over three hundred miles ... now three of those shops have combined into one - and all but six of the others have gone out of business not because we haven't done our part to stimulate the economy ... anywho ... the theme was Women of Colorado ... each of the shops selected a famous or infamous woman with roots in Colorado and designed a block to represent that woman's life ... fourteen shops ... fourteen women ... fourteen blocks ... and each with a story ... eventually i am going to post about each of the blocks and the women that they represent cuz it means that much to me ... fair warning ... but not this time

Auntia used 12 of her Women of Colorado blocks to make this wall hanging...which is now quilted and bound - but is STILL not hanging on a wall
and she gave me the two that were left after i begged and pleaded ... the other four blocks that i needed to fill out the borders represent the four seasons...winterspringsummerfall
and now ... i'm gonna get started on whatever it is that i think i have to do today...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

were you waiting for me?!?

waaaay back in may i posted about the quilt

i said that i wanted it quilted
and bound
and on my bed
before the snow started up again in the fall...


it is fall...

, even ... usually we have had at least one major snowstorm before and often on halloween ... but not this fall ... halloween was a gorgeous day ... daytime temperatures have been in the 60s and 70s ... there has been frost in the early morning hours, but very little rain ... and no snow ... and i think i know why ... Spirit was waiting for this...i've been through the desert on a quilt with no name
i took the quilt to Kristy, the longarm quilter, and asked her to work her magick on it ... this is what she came up with...no feathers ... we don't need no stinking feathers
and i got really crazy and asked her to quilt the spirit guides that i was working on back in june, too...growl andstomp
and i think they are pretty doggone amazing ... i took the pictures while the sun was shining brightly in the sky this afternoon... curse you, Hercules - i wish you would poop in your own yard!!!
and after i picked them up i noticed a fresh pile of little dog poop nestled in the grass...

so now the quilt and the spirit guides are out of the washing machine and spread out on the drying racks ... and then they are gonna have a tumble in the dryer ... and get all squishy ... and they are gonna be even more awesome ... i might even put them on my bed ... and sleep under the quilt when it finally begins to snow...

okay, Spirit...

i'm ready...

i'm just sayin'

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

bungle in the jungle

remember those jungle BOMs that i whined about for a year? and i said that they were gonna grow up and be a quilt by september? and then i put them together into a flimsy and didn't post about it again?
yeah ... well ... that was in june
on september 26 i gave the completed quilt to my niece...Mrs. Izziesmom and Bungle in the Jungle (and Princess Itty Bitty)
to celebrate our divorce anniversaries ... she likes it ... and it was worth all the whining ... especially since i didn't have to listen to me ... i might even make another jungle quilt someday ... there are still lottsa animal prints in the stash ... i'm just sayin'