Friday, June 1, 2012

guest blogger

i'm thinking my nonna is not gonna get around to blogging for a month of sundays ... i told her i was tired of looking at my brother's hands holding that ball ... she told me to go ahead and write a post myself if i was bored with the World...

so i am

lots and lots of stuff has happened since the first of the year ... but not as much as is gonna happen in a month or so ... i'm gonna be a big sister ... my baby brother is busy growing in mommy's tummy and i love to feel him squirming around in there ... Auntia and Nona are gonna give my baby brother a party next sunday and i think i should get to open all of his presents cuz he's too little ... another thing is i am now THREE and i am unusually bright for my age ... i know cuz everybody tells me

 LuLu, you are unusually bright for a three year old! 

 i have an excellent vocabulary, too - i know how to use the word appropriate...

come on ... be honest ... do YOU know another just-barely three year old who uses the word appropriate appropriately?!?

no?!? i didn't think so ... anywho ... i guess i am done for now ... someone keeps moving the letters around on this keyboard and i am not one bit happy about that...


p.s. - see, Nona - it wasn't that hard, now was it?!?