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two and ten black birds

Mama Spark is participating in a Geese in a Ring block swap and i followed her link to the pattern ... i thought that it was a waaaaaay cool block, but i needed it to finish at 6 inches instead of 12 inches ... i spent waaaay too much time trying to draft it on graph paper before i gave up and whined to Mama Spark and Auntia ... both of them suggested resizing the pattern using the Wonders of Modern Day Technology ... now why didn't i think of that?!?
short answer - i'm a technophobe ...
so i put on my big girl panties and came up with...
crows or bats?!?
a circle of black birds ... it's just a skosh on the short side of 6 inches finished ... that'll do

but i didn't let myself work on it till after i'd finished those pinwheels...
spinning wheels got to go round
i needed 44 ... 48 at the most ... there are 64 in that pile ... you know the story about the old lady who swallowed a fly?!? and who knows why she swallowed that fly?!? well, that's me ...... the old lady, not the fly

 did you see Auntia's Northern Lights blocks?!? they are pretty doggone awesome ... and the Wintergraphix bits and pieces that she is putting together - wow - it makes my eyes cross just watching her, lemmetellya...

cut, mark, pin, sew, press ... repeat

this is what i worked on for the Friday Night Sew-In...
pinwheels, pins, bits, pieces
i was hoping for larger piles of spinning wheels and smaller piles of flat tires ... sigh ... Sven the Viking ground his teeth when i hit a pin full-on ... he was so aggravated that he made all the lights in the house dim ... that pin won't be holding anymore seams that need sewing, lemmetellya...

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