Monday, September 7, 2009

kinda corny

the leaves on the peach tree started to change two or three weeks ago ... some of the wood vine has already turned scarlet ... and the weeds are even starting to work on root storage instead of making seeds ... this is the last long weekend of summer and it has been beautiful ... and when i wasn't doing stuff that i should have done last weekend like sweeping and mopping and dusting and cleaning and laundry and watering and weeding and cooking and shredding and filing and paying bills and grocery shopping i was working on these......the beginning of the pieced border for Mr. Husker's Homestead ... the centered corn and the leaves are in the Big Book of Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts by Pam Bono - along with the mountains, the log cabin trees, the small pine trees, the big deciduous tree, and the cows - but i had to figure out the sideways corn ... i am going to tweak one of the pieces to eliminate a seam that doesn't need to be there ... and make 20 morewhy ... yes ... yes, that is a (mostly empty) glass of wine ... which is totally against the recommended safety precautions listed in the grill's instruction booklet
Auntia has been begging for a grilled hamburger all summer ... for the past ten years ... i don't like making fires and i don't like cooking outside - i use my little George Foreman grill for hamburgers and then scrub up the grease that gets all over the kitchen ... but Auntia has been all sinusy and puny and i felt sorry for her ... so yesterday i bought a little Kingsford grill that was on clearance and some charcoal and...
ooohhh - deviled eggs, too! yum yum!!!
ta da! i cooked with fire!

no matter where i stood, the smoke followed me ... my dad used to tell me that smoke follows beauty ... i must be gorgeous because i reek of charcoal/corn/burger smoke ... anywho, Auntia got her burger and grilled corn and she said it was the best ever! as for me - meh - it was okay.

Ranette is having a giveaway for a halloween wallhanging - it is so doggone cute! She makes absolutely beautiful quilts ... and she is the Queen of Red!

isn't she lovely? isn't she wonderful?
and now, the burning question ... what is Mrs. Moth doing with a screwdriver and the vent for the microwave? it's a sad and disturbing story about a very, very stupid (and very dead) bird ... a story that deserves its own post ... but not today


  1. I must be beautiful too because even if I'm inside when the hubby grills, the smoke finds me and I always get sick from the lighter fluid

    The pieced corn border on Mr. Husker's quilt is going to be amazing. Hey I have that book by Pam Bono I think....

  2. Oh, yum! Now I want a burger--and it's only 9 a.m.! LOL!

  3. P.S.--Just realized you have a John Deere corn kernal--LOL! Excellent!