Friday, February 27, 2009

a techno-phobe tries to blog with pictures

when i tried to post a picture the other day, i was unable to find any of the picture files on the computer ... now that my youngest daughter has given me trained monkey instructions, i am ready to try again.

ah - there they are ... now, a little story to go along with them.

last year, after reading about the wedding signature quilt here, i offered to make one Mrs. Moth and, with some hesitation, she and her soon-to-be husband accepted. this is the fabric that they chose. as you can see by the time stamp on the picture, it was already march 9 and the wedding was planned for april 12 ...... i do like a challenge. she loves dragonflies, so i modified the rosebud block and came up with a plan for a dragonfly block. my sample block was shades of lavender, with a white on white print for the wings - plenty of room for signatures. i thought that the happy couple's favorite color was blue and i pictured lovely little dragonflies, with wedding wishes from all of the guests, flying against a sky blue background. i took the bride and groom to Tomorrows Heirlooms (one of the local quilt shops that has an abundant supply of batiks) and they chose ... omigawd ... brown. yes, you read that correctly ... brown! i tried to explain that the background was going to be most of the quilt ... i showed them bolt after bolt of pretty batiks in blues ... lavenders ... i even tried to convince them that grey would be a lovely choice ... but, no, they knew what they wanted - and what they wanted was that brown that you see. then we went to the faerie frosts ... and they selected blue, copper, and dark purple, with ivory for the wings. oh-kay. i had the fabric torn (i love the fact that Tomorrows Heirlooms tears the fabric - i always have enough because i am not paying for off-grain cuts), and bought a roll of one and one-half inch (finished) half-square triangle paper and two big spools of medium grey thread. i took my purple bag of goodies home, sighing all the way and wondering what i was going to do to make a murky brown quilt seem anything but depressing. i pre-washed the fabrics and waited for them to air dry, hoping against hope to receive a phone call telling me that they'd made a terrible mistake and not to start cutting ... alas, said phone call was not forthcoming. and so, rotary cutter in hand, i started slicing and dicing and came up with the first block. groan. the bride's little sister took a picture with her cellphone (again, i am a techno-phobe and have no idea how to perform such electronic miracles) and sent it to the netherworld. and that was followed by a text received, requesting more. ninety-nine more! did i say that i like a challenge?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

let me just say this about that

my html was chosen while under a lot of stress to give Blogger what it was asking for - an unused address ... did i do a search on "what is starbucking"? ... well, no ... why would i need to do that?!? doesn't everyone know who Starbuck (the Colonial Warrior, not the coffee bar) is? and that he was stranded on the generational prison planet and was asked what star buckin' is?

i guess i did have something to say, after all.
first post ... and nothing to say.