Saturday, August 29, 2009

it's too late...

... to be using a rotary cutter ... way, way, way too late ... i was working on mr. husker's homestead most of the day ... it's too late to use the camera, too ... i have had to undo too many mistakes to try any more piecing tonight ... i did get two pine trees and a plain old deciduous tree put together this afternoon ... and the garden ... and i discovered that i made the bands of cows and calves two inches too small ... snip snip snip .... rip rip rip ... zip zip zip ... then clean up the snippets and brush off my clothes and swiffer the floor and try again ... and again ... and yet again ...... so i decided to read some blogs ... Mama Spark is having a 400th post giveaway - she has a beautiful collection of Robyn Pandolph christmas fat quarters ... Kim is having another giveaway, too - i think the shelves in her sweatshop should be pretty doggone bare ... Viridian is having a giveaway - including some awesome poison green fabric ... Kellie is having a giveaway - her Lilly Pilly quilt - i have always (well ... maybe not always ... since i have no idea if there really is such a thing) wanted a lilly pilly tree (sigh) ... and the Fat Quarter Shop is having a giveaway - it's a $100 gift certificate - that would be a great start for the new Thimbleberries Village Green BOM ...... Dawn has twenty deep thoughts brought on by some pinot sumpin sumpin ... and Shannon has a link to Quilts with Love and the story of how Vivian was dazzled by the eight quilters who interpreted the Twilight saga into a fabric work of art which she made even more wonderful with her longarm quilting - it is stunning and awesome and really, really, really cool!!!
and now i'm gonna do what LuLu does when it's too late...sleep tight!

please note: the actual link to the Fat Quarter shop giveaway is here ... but if you enter and post about it on your blog you need to use the link listed above for it to count as extra entries ... so do it!


  1. Hey, where is the link to the giveaway at the FQ shop? You linked to what *you* wanted. Maybe I want something else! LOL.

  2. Beware of late night rotary cutting! I trimmed a fingernail in the wee hours of the morning while cutting 2 inch strips and I took it as a sign to pack up the cutting tools and go to bed!