Sunday, September 13, 2009

boxy the bronco

NoJo spent all of his hard-earned summer cash plus a coupon for ten dollars off that his Auntia cut out for him and for his sister - who spent hers on an MP3 player for her bear from Build-A-Bear on a Bronco jersey for Boxy the Turtle ... he brought Boxy over the other day and asked Auntia and me if we could figure out a way to put Boxy's name on the back of the jersey ... the jersey fabric is the mesh stuff that jerseys are actually made from ... i think it is too holey for embroidery or any kind of machine stitching...
Boxy in his Bronco jersey ... complete with knee pads and cleats
...i'm thinking maybe felt letters with fabric glue ... so, whaddya think?
gotta go ... half-time is over and the game's back on

1 comment:

  1. That's what I would do - just be careful when you stick the letters on that the glue doesn't seep through and stick the front and back together or poor Boxy won't be able to get it on any more! Or you could sew or glue his name onto a piece of fabric and attach that.