Saturday, February 19, 2011

preemptive multitasking

it isn't just for computers anymore

it was friday night and i crocheted...preemptive crochet - for babies yet to come
and prewashed the fabric that may become the rest of HPV not the virus...from preemptive shopping on Black Friday at the FQS whilst halloween fabric was 50% off ... and preemptive color-catching
and we made a quick trip to The Quilt Store for Camelot fabrics the new Jason Yenter line and the book ... but they didn't know if they were gonna carry the line or not ... so we did some preemptive on-line shopping...
oops - no pictures of on-line shopping, but there was a bit of it going on, lemmetellya

dinner was spaghetti and garlic toast ... dessert was marshmallows ... times flies whether you're having fun or not!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

last but not least

i placed the last stitches in the last HPV not the virus stitchery today...Toil & Trouble Employment Agency
as i was taking the picture, i realized that i hadn't posted this one...Potting Shed ... for potting pumpkins, not pot
it was stitched before the end of last year - but was misplaced in the Great Pile of Stuff till a week ago...

i thought that i didn't really care when or even if i finished the HPV not the virus embroideries ... i was stitching cuz i like the pattern and cuz i like to hear the needle and thread go pahwoosh and cuz it is fun ... but when i took the last stitch i was really, really happy ... joyous, even ... and i realized that it is more than just funpahwooshingness ... i finished stitching it ... and it may actually be a full-grown quilt someday ... pretty doggone cool, huh?!?

tomorrow is this month's FNSI ... and i won't be embroidering HPV not the virus - ha ha ha!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Singe, Harry, Willie, Josh and the world's biggest marshmallows

look who's all dressed up with nowhere to go...Singe Dragonheart - he's MY man!!!
my dragon in shining armor ... i love Singe ... i really, really love him!

his new suit was a birthday at the end of last month gift from Auntia ... and she gave me these incredibly awesome lovelies...five paper-pieced Harry Potter blocks!!! and a Hogwarts Express journal!!!
the journal is gonna keep track of her ideas and plans and thoughts for the Harry Potter quilt that she is making for me me me me me me... pretty doggone awesome, eh?!?
she gave me a Willie Nelson CD and Planet Earth DVDs, too!!! i took a picture of them, but the covers are too shiny ooo! shiny!!! to see...

and the m&ms gave me these goodies...marshmallows, a lunchbox and Josh! good gosh!
i love my Dots lunch box - it will make a great keeper of treasures ... i have never ever seen such humongous marshmallows in my entire life - and that's a loooong time, lemmetellya ... and now i think that i shall go and listen to Josh crooning and Willie strumming, whilst i sup upon huge marshmallows...

Friday, February 11, 2011

bound too bee

there's been a binding bee frenzy around here, lemmetellya...
the Eff Quilt, and 2 baby quilts ... 592 inches of binding at $.25/inch for a total savings of $148 - ha ha ha!!!
the Eff Quilt needed to be outta here and, after waiting more than a month for a certain someone to hand sew the binding to the back, i caved and did it for her ... i think i'll negotiate some kind of trade with her for the $76 worth of binding inches - maybe breakfast in bed or sumpin - ha ha ha!!! ... the small quilts are for baby camo crocheted afghan - i HATED the yarn - and a bassinet-sized quilt
Little Miss Baby Girl For Sure will enter the World on Valentine's Day and her great-auntie dianne sent those little squishies to keep her warm ... the other baby quilt is a bit bigger and is temporarily named Vice Versa and will be joined by a mostly blue flimsy that will be temporarily named Versa Vice cuz some people could make life easier for a nonna, but choose not to ... i'm just sayin'...

and ... drum roll please ... i finished this...i HATED this yarn, too
and i hope that no one ever asks me to crochet another non-flat thing again ... ever

not counting the Eff Quilt (which i only did about 40% of and Auntia's 60% rounds up to 100%, right?) that is ... uhmmm ... a total of eight things so far this year to cross off the to-do list ... not too shabby, eh?

Friday, February 4, 2011

binding my own business

i had no idea there were people in the real world who bind quilts for a living ... no, seriously ... i really did not know ... i found some price lists to peruse ... for just 25 cents per inch i could hand over a quilted quilt and the binding fabric and receive a completely bound quilt ... wouldn't that be sumpin'?!?!?

anywho ... i finished these three quilts that have been waiting to be quilted since last june...Mellow Yellow and Dream Maker and Daisy Duke ... done!!!
and gave the two on top to these little punkins...
Gumdrop with Mellow YellowLuLu with Dream Maker
the bottom one Daisy Duke is for Peanut Butter Cup ... they are 56 inches by 70 inches for a total of 756 inches of binding ... and every four inches i would tell myself

you just saved a dollar!!!

and when i did the math, i realized that the binding would have cost $189 ... hmmm ... do you think i oughta go shopping?

i'm just sayin'...