Monday, March 31, 2014

twenty-five years in the making

i used to do a LOT of cross-stitching back in the days when rocks were soft and mist was in the air...

but then i found myself with not that much discretionary time 
and a lot less patience for counting each and every stitch twice...

there was one little project that i promised myself i would finish 
and it only took me 25 years to get around to it...
i LURVE that horse - she's a music box that i bought on a long ago trip to Estes Park - and she plays Mariah

the stitchery in the background was completed in 1989... 
the horses and teepees were six months worth of stitching, and the border was another six months... 

the little shelf panel only SEEMED to take six months - ha ha ha!!
whose bright idea was this, anyway?!?

cross THAT one off my list!!!

Way out West they have a name 
for Wind and Rain and Fire
The Rain is Tess
The Fire's Joe 
and they call the Wind Mariah
lyrics to They Call the Wind Mariah

Monday, March 17, 2014

stinky food

St. Patrick's Day has been duly celebrated by the Resident Irish-American...
corned beef, roasted cabbage and red potatoes, mashed potatoes, and beer bread
a bit of overkill  on the starch ... and no telling what all that white food will do to her arteries...

i will definitely roast cabbage again someday - it was suh-weet!!!

May the wind at your back not be the result of the corned beef and cabbage you had for lunch.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

pickles and lions and beer, oh my!!!

Michael Myson hates pickles...

once upon a time when he was a subadult he was chomping down a burger whilst riding along in the backseat of the car
i heard a choking sound and glanced up at the rear view mirror
Mikey was turning a frightful shade of purple
 i pulled over to the curb and lunged into the back of the car
 reached down his throat and pulled and pulled and pulled out a long string of partially chewed pickle...

bleck shudder bleck

he has hated pickles ever since...

so, of course, when i started his tea towel snack quilt
Auntia insisted that one of the snack blocks needed to be pickles because ... well ... because she has a wicked sense of humor
ha ha ha!!!

anywho ... his quilt  is back from Liz the Long Arm Quilting Genius
bound and labeled and gifted
and he positively LURVES it!!!

in addition to loving his munchies and beer, Mikey is a Leo and irish and italian - but that is another story
 so i asked Liz to quilt celtic lions...
and that lion is my favorite - he is attacking those pickles with a vengeance!!!

pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil