Saturday, September 5, 2009

inquiring minds want to know

who is Mr. Husker?mr. husker holding itty bitty for the first time ... yeah - he always has a toothpick in his mouth
Mr. Husker is my sister's husband ... ... he is Traveling Man's and Mrs. Izziesmom's dad ... he is Itty Bitty's grandpa ... and my children's Uncle Doogal ... his first name is Duane but nobody calls him that ... nobody calls him Mr. Husker, either ... Husker is actually Mr. Husker's brother's wife's pot-bellied pig's name ... but he is from Nebraska and is a major Husker fan ... when the University of Nebraska (the Huskers) plays against the University of Colorado (the Buffaloes) Mr. Husker and his 12 brothers and sisters do NOT root for the Buffs ... and if i try to call him Duane i crack up because the knock knock joke keeps going through my head
knock knock
Who's there?
Duane who?
doo-ane the tub ... i'm doo-ow-ning
well ... i think it's funny
he is the hardest working man i have ever known ... he owns a tool store and works a black Angus cow/calf (and the bull, of course) operation and he stockpiles hay all summer and he cuts wood for the wood stove and fireplace when he isn't working in the garden and mowing the (2 acres of) grass and building out-buildings and fixing stuff around the house and building fences and digging wells and working on trucks and playing with Itty Bitty...... anywho, Mr. Husker is gonna be 60 on march 29, 2010 and he's gonna get a quilt ... from me ... because that's what i do


  1. I think it's a funny joke too......that photo is very aawwwww.

  2. This was a totally wonderful thing for you to do. Thanks for the introduction. Your sister is a lucky gal!

  3. A True American Man!!! Thank you for sharing him with us....