Friday, January 29, 2010


this morning had all the potential for a beautiful sunrise ... the sky was clear ... it was cold and crisp ... and there was a bit of a breeze ... it smelled clean and fresh outside ... but the sun rose above the horizon without coloring the sky ... no fanfare ...... and the day was a looooong one
but take a look at this...Mike - the guy across the street - was working on tires or brakes or something on one of his cars and kept looking over at us like we were nuts ... or maybe cuz the flash was a bit distracting
that isn't the sun - it's the moon!Auntia took these pictures
... isn't that just the prettiest thing?

the freezer in the kitchen is jam packed with stuff ... and whenever i open the door something falls out ... some of the stuff has been in there for a very, very long time ... anywho, for the past few days the plastic bag that i keep the leftover bread in has been falling on my foot - it doesn't hurt as much as the tub of spaghetti sauce but it doesn't feel good, either ... the third time it fell from grace i decided to leave it out ... i dunno how many different kinds of bread were in there - potato bread and white bread and wheat bread and oatmeal bread and a bagel or two and french bread and italian bread - whenever i can't remember when i bought a loaf of bread, i tear whatever is left into pieces and put them in the bag ... and then i make bread pudding...i love me some comfort food
...there are only two people in my family who will eat bread pudding - Mrs. Moth and me - everybody else makes gagging sounds and bitter-beer faces and ugly remarks about eating a bowl of soggy bread ... but i looooooove it ... so i made a casserole for me ... and a casserole for Mrs. Moth ... and another bigger casserole for me ... i think i will go eat some of it now ... and maybe i won't eat it all up before i find a recipe for whiskey sauce and get it made cuz the only thing that is better than bread pudding is bread pudding with whiskey sauce


  1. Great pics of the moon! I like bread pudding too, it's very nice made with fruit bread.

  2. I lost a bet at a Cajun restaurant once when the owner bet me that I would LOVE his bread pudding (I too previously gagged at the mention of eating wet bread even though I love milk toast). Yes, the bread pudding was delicious. It was served with a flaming rum sauce and REAL whipped cream. YUM
    I just read your "Born to be Wild" post and cracked up about the "empty buttwipe box" My family has ALWAYS called them buttwipes, too. I thought it was normal until someone told me they were BABY wipes. Who knew?

  3. You maka me laugh about your neighbour and the flash on my camera. Bread crumbs kept falling on your foot - "make me into bread pudding."
    I love vanilla ice cream on mine. By the way it looks delicious!

  4. Now how can anyone not like something with the words "bread" "pudding" and "whiskey" in it???!!!??? I'm coming right over!

  5. Hey! I stopped by to visit. Bread pudding? Yeah, not so much. I'd rather use leftover bread to make croutons or bread crumbs. Hubby, though, would probably eat bread pudding. And tapioca. Ick. Give me plain, old chocolate or lemon pudding and a spoon and I'd be just fine!

  6. Bread pudding is one of my all time favorite warm and yummy!

    Cool moon shots!