Saturday, January 16, 2010

not so sew-in

i told myself that i should not and will not read any blogs this morning till i post about the Friday Night Sew-In ... so here goes...
i had plans ... i was gonna finish loading Mr. Husker's Homestead on the frame and start quilting the red borders ... i was gonna make the SS3 BOM block ... and then if there was any time left before the sandman came to visit i was gonna crochet a little on Auntia's coat or embroider a bit on Morgana's Apothecary ... in the meantime, i was gonna feast upon homemade soup and angel food cake with strawberries...
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley
whatever would we do without Robert Burns (whose birthday is coming up, by the way, on January 25)
even though i am neither a mouse nor a man ... my plans do often go askew ... the batting went on the frame ... the backing went on the frame ... the top went on the frame ... but when i tried to roll the backing onto the top leader it was upside down ... gasp ... i unrolled it and rerolled the other way ... it was still wrong ... i unrolled it and rolled it the first way ... still wrong ...... and then i remembered that if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got ...... so i whined for help ... Auntia took a look
you've got it backwards
how do i fix it?
you'll have to take it off and re pin it
i'll help
so we unrolled and unpinned and she stood there while i turned the backing around and started to re pin just to make sure i got it the right way ... after it was re pinned, i rolled it up and tried again ... now the fabric was pointing the right way, but it wasn't coming off the roller the way it should kinda like the toilet paper roll ... by this time i was more than whining - i was groaning and whimpering
what now?
it still isn't right - wah wah wah
you've rolled it the wrong way
do you know how many times i've done this?!? i'm tired and my back aches and i just can't do this again!
okay ... okay ... okay ... i'll help you mutter mutter mutter
by that time the last thing in the world that i wanted to do was quilt ... so i sat down and crocheted a few stitches on Auntia's coat/sweater ... she took a picture...those are some raggedy looking nails
my nails kept catching on the yarn, so i stopped and filed them and put on some lotion ... then i made a pot of tea* and got out my ME little peace of quiet mug...whenever my kids would ask me what i wanted for christmas, i always told them peace and quiet
i sat back down in the red chair and crocheted a few more stitches ... but i couldn't concentrate cuz rasslin' was on upstairs and it was loud ... so i asked Auntia for her CD player and started listening to An Echo in the Bone ... i've already read the book and i know what happens but i like being read to ... so i crocheted and listened ... and then Auntia brought me a basket of kettle corn and i ate it like i hadn't eaten in hours ... oh wait - i hadn't eaten in hours ... realizing that i was ravenous and i needed to wash the sugar off my hands anyway i warmed up a bowl of soup and scarfed it down while Ms. Porter read Willie out of his problems and crocheted some more ... and then i ran out of side seams ... one swell foop
i'd added five inches to the frontbackfront... and i didn't want to crochet anymore ... so i took out HPV not the virus and started to work on Morgana's Apothecary...Morgana may not have an apothecary, but she does have steps now
the next thing i knew it was one in the morning ... i'd listened to five CDs and my hands were tired...i love my red chair
i locked the doors and turned off the lights and went to bed ... i dunno what Auntia accomplished but i do remember a flurry of activity in the background and some flashes from the camera ... so i'm sure she'll fill us in

and now the house needs cleaning and the quilting frame is looking at me with loathsome eyes and the SS3 BOM is feeling quite betrayed ... but there is angel food cake and strawberries for breakfast

*note to self - do not drink a pot of tea after 8pm and expect a good night's sleep ... caffeine or no


  1. LOL! I'm sorry about your quilting frame problems, but it sounds like the rest of the night wasn't too bad! And isn't it funny we both had homemade soup, popcorn, and a cup of something nice? And that caffeine and chocolate you need this a.m.? I still have 3/4ths of my Godiva bar left, and I'm certain I have coffee--come on over!

  2. Your eclectic night is one to remember, or not. You got me laughing here. You hit the bed sooner then I did and I think it was the green tea I had about midnight. Thanks for sharing what you did last night - I was rooting for you to get to work on something you really wanted to do. Yet, I can see that it was perhaps the "path least taken" that you were on last night. I can hardly wait to see what Auntia has for show and tell.

  3. When I had my frame and Juki, I always had the worst time getting everything loaded correctly. My brain has a very hard time with that stuff. I planned a Clean-a-thon instead of Patchworktimes' Quiltathon today, but my plans went askew (love that word!) in the worst way. I should have just quilted!

  4. You had a busy evening....sometimes when things don't go right the best thing is to walk away and try again another day. Rabbie Burns has a quote for many occasions!

  5. After all that happened you still managed to get things done... lets hope next month things run smoother for you
    Cath Ü

  6. Oh I love your red chair too!!!! Looks so comfy to me. The only problem with a comfy chair is falling asleep when I sit in it.

    I think you got quite a bit done actually.

  7. Sounds like a fairly ordinary evening but your telling of it was extraordinarily entertaining!