Monday, January 18, 2010

the baby whisperer

when LuLu is grumpy and won't stop fussing
i hand her to the baby whisperer...the baby whisperer and his sister LuLu
and then she is happy ... today is the baby whisperer's ninth birthday ... NoJo is the very best 9 year old in the whole wide world ... in one more year he will be double digits and then he can walk through the parking lot without holding my hand but i hope that he decides not to cuz i'm an old woman and if i fall down i might not get back up again ... his parents gave him a skating party yesterday and the rest of this post is pictures of the birthday boy's party...Auntia and LuLu and NoJo
NoJo, Auntia, LuLu and friends at the drinking fountain
Mrs. Moth and LuLu
Earth Science and Peanut Butter Cup
a table full of wacky kiddos singing happy birthday
last night NoJo went to a Nuggets game ... he was one of the lucky kids who were chosen to high five the players except for the Bird Man who was on a potty break or something ... and the Nuggets won ... today he is gonna celebrate some more at Dave and Buster's ... but tomorrow he has to go back to the daily grind and being my back-up baby whisperer


  1. Very cool birthday! You only turn nine once...LOL.

  2. Birthday wishes from Australia to the baby whisperer - now that's a very important job!

  3. Gorgeous kids Dianne! Happy birthday to NoJo from me!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to the Baby Whisperer! and thanks for posting the Ode to 2009 -- very entertaining!