Tuesday, January 19, 2010

not another one?!?

our family has lottsa birthdays in january ... today is Mrs. Moth's birthday ... i still haven't forgiven her for arriving a month early and depriving me of a valentine's day baby - there is a long story about how that happened - and some of it is even kinda entertaining ... but i digress ... i baked the birthday girl a cake this morning and spared her the thirty-two candles plus one to grow on cuz that might have set off the smoke detector...i finally got to use my new red cake plate
and some cookies...hey! what happened to the rest of them?!?
russian tea cakes/mexican wedding cakes ... cuz that's what she said she wanted

happy birthday, Angela!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to YOU!! 32 years ago you were one busy lady. Love the red cake plate. Never have seen a cake plate so darn cute!

  2. Happy B'Day Mrs. Moth! LOL

    I've been baking, too, in the new oven. You'd think I'd been without an oven for at least a year the number of family baking orders I've had to fill... pumpkin bread, cookies, apple pie, and cupcakes.

  3. Birthday wishes to Mrs Moth! Don't forget my piece of cake.

  4. If you wanted a Valentine's baby, you should have said "no" for another three weeks or so! I love those cookies too--sometimes I bake them at Christmas, but I didn't this year. I'd ask you to mail me some, but apparently you don't have any left. Woe is me.

  5. Happy birthday from me aswell.
    Love the look of the cake

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. Happy birthday Mrs. Moth!!!

    Oh why, oh why did you have to show that divine red cake plate?! Now I think I neeeed one too!

  7. The cake looks great! Happy birthday to Angela. But...how do you think you can post this amazing looking cake and not post the recipe??