Friday, January 22, 2010

born to be wild

the last time i posted about the Other One's quilt i had just taken it off the frame ... i trimmed it up and machine stitched the chocolate brown flannel binding ... then i put it away for a couple of days ... but it was glaring at me with it's accusing eyes every time i walked past the magick shoppe ... so i finished hand sewing the binding and put a naming block on the back ... then it sat there till today - still staring at me ... i couldn't think of anything to name it ... the other 60th birthday quilts are named after songs and i couldn't think of any songs about wolves except hey there little red riding hood and she wolf ..... so i searched on songs with wolf and found wolf songs ... who's afraid of the big bad wolf ... hungry like the wolf ... the hungry wolf ... where the wolf bane blooms ... will the wolf survive ... wolf city
and i didn't like any of them ... so i meandered around some more and found Steppenwolf ... born to be wild ... yes! that would describe my youngest older brother...get your motor runnin' ... head out on the highway ... lookin' for adventure ... and whatever comes our way ... yeah darlin' go and make it happen ... take the world in a love embrace ... fire all of your guns at once ... and explode into space
so i wrote Born to be Wild on his quilt ... packed it up in an empty baby buttwipe box ... and took it to the post office two months early ... woo hoo!

like a true nature's child
he was born to be wild


  1. That has turned out very well....and the name is fabulous, I remember the song well.

  2. Great name for a's actually my hubbies theme

    The funniest part Dianne is wrapping it up in a baby butt-wipe box...I snorted diet coke out my nose when I read that!

  3. I love that song and love your quilt!

    I was careful to wait until the ticket was written, for a speed somewhat less than she clocked me at, and then I was still excruciatingly polite! You are soooo right that speeding tickets are fund raisers! It just irks the hell out of me that some careless mattress toter can, by their carelessness, endanger my husband's life and cause him to lose thousands of dollars [his car was worth way more to him than the insurance will pay!]and they don't even get caught, never mind ticketed! Stay warm out there in Colorado!

  4. Lovely quilt and I like the name quite a lot too! Memories, eh?! Better than the ones associated with Hungry Like the Wolf and the 80s hair bands--LOL!