Sunday, January 24, 2010


i've been arguing with Thor the sewing machine that we use for quilting all afternoon ... argghhhh ... the track that he runs on twisted up and threw Thor out of whack right in the middle of quilting outer space with lots of clunking that i'd never heard before ... i kept checking the bobbin since i've been known to try sewing with the bobbin flying around the bobbin case and re threading the needle and making sure that the presser foot was down ... clunk clunk clunk stop ...... after i put Thor back on the tracks and he was gliding back and forth like he's supposed to i heard a different clunk - one that i have heard before - the clunk of the needle hitting the plastic part of the presser foot instead of sliding down through the little opening like it's supposed to ... i kept trying to adjust the foot and thinking that i'd been successful but the clunking kept on keeping on till the needle broke ... i yelled and screamed and cursed about just how much i hate Thor and the horse he rode in on ... and then i changed the needle and re threaded him ... Thor started sewing like the brave viking that i know him to comes the sun
Mr. Husker's eagle over Long's Peak
...and if i ever have an extra five hundred dollars laying around i think i'll buy a stitch regulator for Thor ...... yesterday Auntia and i ran some errands and stopped in at JoAnn's to see if there was anything that we could use our 50% off coupons on ... it's almost impossible - they put just about everything in the store on sale for 10% - 40% off - so you get it for more instead of for less ... we bought some Dye Catchers with the coupons and a pair of plaid Gingher scissors that Santa didn't bring Auntia for christmas and these...peace out
...totes that we found in the clearance aisle for $2.97 each ... Morgana's Apothecary has already taken up residence in the black one ... and if i had know that Fons and Porter ergonomic seam ripper has seen better days
...was gonna happen i would have bought a replacement ... i have the seam ripper that i used in home ec in junior high school and it is still in one piece ... so much for new and improved ...... we also went to Target and found this...embossed hearts - don'cha just love it?!?
...which i coulda shoulda woulda lived without if i had never seen it ... but i'm thinking that maybe it isn't possible to have too many red cake plates ... and now i'm gonna go ignore the SS3 BOM block that is still lurking in the shadows


  1. Perhaps Thor's needle was bent, or blunt.....he wouldn't be a happy Viking trying to sew or make his way through life with a bent needle....
    Nice red cake plate! what time is afternoon tea?

  2. omg...why or why don't we have a Target in Stillwater?! I would be there in a second to get a red cake plate....oh well, I'd have to get rid of something in the cabinet to fit it

  3. I think Thor deserves a time out if he behaves so badly! On the naughty spot!
    He's lucky you didn't throw hime out of the window *lol* Só frustrating if your machine doesn't behave and with me it always happens when I'm almost done...

  4. Isn't that the truth about JoAnn's!