Monday, February 1, 2010


all my troubles seemed so far away ... wait ... no they didn't ... they were right here smacking me in the face like they always do ... anywho ... yesterday was my birthday and now i am plenty-eight ... again ... it's been ten years since i've been plenty-eight ... and before that it was another ten years ... when Auntia learned to count to 100 she asked her preschool teacher when she was gonna learn the plenty's ... we had to have a parent-teacher conference about that ... anywho ... Auntia baked me a cake...that lights the dark...and i ate birthday pancakes...with Land O'Lakes butter and 100% pure Canadian maple syrup ... because i'm worth it
and one morning last week my sister showed up at my door with my favorite great-niece Itty Bitty and donuts...yep - the box is empty
and there were phone calls telling me how old i am and one from my mother asking me if i was mad at her for the gift of life (what the?!?!) and a couple emails and some cards and presents...yes ... yes that is a cowboy with no shirt on and he has one thing on his mind - a tasty pan of really hot biscuits ... and there is a moo-shoe pig in there somewhere, too
i've wanted a prayer drum every since i watched The Karate Kid II ... and i'll be able to grow my own dragon ... and feed it pink sno balls ... and i was given lottsa hugs from my favorite little people
getting older is such a blessing
it really beats the alternative
any time after 54 is gravy, baby!


  1. Happy birthday! I didn't even know, or I would have shown up at your door and serenaded you!

    You know there are no numbers after 29, don't you?

  2. Happy Birthday Dianne! I'm glad it was a good day for you and here's wishing you the best year ever!!!

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had fun and a terrific cake for sure.
    So after 54 there more fun?? I'm turning 54 the 21th of this month so there is actually something to look forward too apart from feeling old??

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your cake was amazing!! I hope you had a great day no matter what plenty decade you happen to be in, LOL!!

  5. Happy Belated! If I'd know, I would HAVE baked you a cake!!

  6. Happy Birthday. What a cool cake! I wish I would have known sooner.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Cake and donuts and pancakes--you celebrated with all my favorites!!! You are so lucky! And such a special quilty person and I hope you had a great day!!!

  8. Well, gosh darn it! I missed your birthday! I was too busy whining about my own body falling apart! My, but I must say--you're obviously in pretty darn good condition for your age since you haven't fallen apart yet! I hope you had a wonderful celebration--sure sounds like you did!

  9. Hey, Happy Birthday, better late than know how to celebrate, pancakes (with lol butter) and a Star Trek Cake that glows in the dark!