Friday, January 8, 2010

today in history

Elvis Aaron Presley would have been 75 years old today ... i wonder what he would sound like as an older man ... i almost left off the er but then i remembered that he's less than 20 years older than i am ... that would make him older, not old ... in order to have some quilty content, i'm gonna post a picture of my sister's birthday quilt again...all shook up!
Itty Bitty was in utero when i gave it to her and Nicci didn't share all shook up! with anyone ... but grandchildren change everything ... now that she is a nonna, she and Itty Bitty take naps together with that kaleidoscope of Elvis and it makes me happy to know that my great niece and my sister are safe and warm whether i am there or not

Traveling Man is visiting from Mexico and i just realized again that he and the King have the same middle name but i think that Traveling Man's is spelled with two r's ... or maybe with one r and one a ... no - that's not right ... and that's the great thing about a failing memory - i get to rediscover things and it's the same joy as knowing new things for the first time over and over again ... anywho, i might get to see him tomorrow - i miss my sweet baby Trav and, yes, i do know that he is a grown man and a world traveler but he is also my sweet baby Trav

someday i'm gonna have to make another quilt for my sister ... i love to make things for her - she looks past the mistakes and the poor color choices and the fact that i find it easy to mess up squares and rectangles although she did tell me that i don't need to cut up fabric into such little pieces that she can't tell what it used to be - i think she was referring to the one inch square checkerboard border that used to be an Elvis print and is now too tiny to be discernible and focuses on the love ... and Nicci is profound - when Little Nonnie told her that she doesn't understand why would dianne make more than one quilt for anyone? and what is a person supposed to do with all those quilts? and how many quilts does one person need, anyway? my sister answered

well, i need at least one more than i have!

happy birthday to the King!


  1. Hey I have a kid named Aaron! But I wasn't thinking of Elvis when I named him. Thanks for your comment about my man. Yeah, he's a good one and I think (I know) I'll keep him.

  2. I love your posts!!

    I won't tell you what to tell Nonnie, but this is how I feel. People like me need more than one quilt because they get cold. I was buried under 5 blankets last night and none of the quilts and I'm a quilter. I need to make one for myself....

    I wondered why P.Boyles was talking about Elvis this morning on the radio. I came in on the end of the convo. I thought he just needed a lighter subject after the week he had discussing Gov. Ritter.

  3. P.S. I'm totally envious of the quilt pictured. I've wanted to make one, but have chickened out too many times to count.

  4. Love the quilt and your sister sounds a very wise woman

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Yesssss! I agree with your sister, she has nailed it!

  6. What an excellent quilt! I love the colors and everything about it! Is it hand or machine quilted? I clicked in but it was hard to tell. Machine would be my first guess, but it kind of looked hand quilted for some reason!

    Yes, we all need one more quilt! It sounds like you have a wonderful sister--lucky you!