Thursday, January 14, 2010

i say toe-may-toe

you say toe-mah-toe
i have and have had the world's loveliest aunties ... my Auntie Mabel crossed over and is now giving my dad the hugs that i cannot from this side and i really miss her ... anywho ... i call her Ahhn-tee Mabel ... my Auntie Frona is my mother's sister and is probably the sweetest little woman in the world ... she lives in California with my Uncle Al who just happens to be the world's best uncle cuz he thinks my jokes are funny ... and i call her Ant-tee Frona ...... most of my nieces and nephews call me dianne ... no ant or ahhnt, just dianne ... but my sister is Ant-tee Nicci ... she started signing her cards and letters to her nieces and nephews by drawing a little ant with a t ... and then she found stickers of ants and she used those ... and then she found three-dimensional ant stickers ... when Auntia sent Nicci a card, she taped one of the 3D ant stickers to the front of the envelope ... and when Nicci sent Auntia a thank you, she taped the 3D ant sticker in the return address ... by then the ant was missing most of her legs ... the next time she went though the mail she lost her butt ... it wasn't long till there was just a little ant head left ...... a couple of years ago we were looking through the summer clearance at Target and found a big old iron ant ... Auntia took it to Nicci where the ugly thing lives in one of her windows shudder and Nicci thought it was hilarious ... we look for ants now ... and when we find an ant, Auntia buys it for her auntie ... look what she found at JoAnn's...bug eyes
a flying strawberry queen ant on a stick! so this little jewel of a bug has gone to live with Auntia's Auntie Nicci ... and i gotta say that i am happy she's not living here anymore cuz i just don't like bugs

how do you say Aunt?


  1. We have an Aunt Lindsey (my sister) and we say awnt. Well, really, she is known as Aun-y Kay. Kay is her middle name and I always called her Lindsey Kay so my oldest daughter picked up on the Kay part. It just stuck for the other kids.

  2. Aussies say arnt or of my aunts was always called Madge because that was her name, she reckoned that being called Auntie Madge made her feel old. Her name was Kathleen Madge but she didn't like Kathleen. Another aunt was Auntie Florrie, her name was Zoe Florence - don't know what it was about my aunts and their middle names!

  3. I say it like the bug! Do your California Auntie and Uncle say "aah-mons" or "all-monds"? And do you know how much of my childhood was spent thinking an idea was an "I-dear"?

  4. your post brought memories of my fav aunt :)unfortunately she passed away 15 years ago but she left lots of smiles when I look at her picture. In Dutch we say "tante" pronounced with a British "a" and a "u" at the end. Great idea btw to collect ants for an auntie!!

  5. I say it like the bug too. I only have one Aunt (she passed away last year sadly) but her name was Anita and I called her Anty Eeta when I was little....Thanks for the fond memories and cute pic of Auntia!