Sunday, August 2, 2009

wit or wit-out

no, i'm not talking about ordering a cheesesteak in philadelphia ...... after the 240 blocks for the Miss Melly block swap when i swore that i would never, never, never try to swap blocks with real quilters again because i am not up to playing with the big dogs so i oughta just stay on the porch i thought that making a dozen or so bat blocks for the Spooktacular block swap would be no big deal ... i figured i'd be able to find a variety of pieced blocks that with the right fabric looked like bats ... wrong! lots of applique designs (out of my league - my applique skills need a lot more practice) are out there, but i couldn't find anything pieced that looked like a bat to me ... so i had to figure out my own ... the only black fabric that i had to work with was a piece of flannel, so that's what i used for the prototype ... that attempt took some major tweaking and a wee bit of whining at Auntia what do you think? is this gonna be okay? does it look too weird? are you sure you would want this block in your quilt? and then i tried a bat out of polished cotton ... meh ... we decided that the creep factor was more enhanced with fuzzy flannel (ick) and i changed out the ears from a flying goose to prairie points (even ickier) ... eventually the bat blocks were to the almost finished stage and then i started wondering if i should sew on the eyes and the little vampire-bat teeth or leave them off ... the blocks look a lot like the bat signal without the eyes and teeth but they look kinda goofy with them...
so, whaddya think ... wit or wit-out?


  1. Wit - why you ask? Well, this is only my two cents worth. The one wit out, looks like eyes and a nose to me. Sorry. I am crouching here incase you throw something at me.

    You are a bigger girl then I am - I have not done any swaps yet. I keep thinking like you did - what if they don't like my stuff..." I am working up to it.

    I think your blocks are adorable and that they will be well received whether you do them wit or wit out.


  2. I would probably leave them off--less work that way and it would give the person who gets them a chance to add whatever she wants to personalize them. Now take a Prozac, okay?! ROFLOL!

  3. I say with. But that is up to you. You did a fantastic job with them! Great design! You should stress less and enjoy more. I know (in real life) 3 of the others in our group and you are no where near as beginner as 2 of them! na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na
    BATMAN!!! JK LOL!!

  4. With or without.....depends if the bats are coming or going!