Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RMFQSH freebies

there were freebies at some of the shops on the Rocky Mountain Fever Quilt Shop Hop and this was my favorite......isn't that just pretty doggone cool? it is a golf tee with a little round magnet hot-glued to the top of it ... the part of the tee that pokes into the ground goes into a bobbin and then into a spool of thread ... and the magnet holds your needle or pins ... they were a gift from High Prairie Quilts ...... each shop had a free copy of the pattern for their own star (or a kit for $10 each) and at the end there was a layout sheet for putting the kits together ...... The Great American Quilt Factory was handing out little tape measures ...... Harriet's Treadle Arts had homemade cookies and i ate two of the best snickerdoodles ever and postcards announcing the first two books that Harriet and Carrie Hargrave are publishing (very soon) of the Quilter's Academy series...
...and there were some miscellaneous coupons and newsletters ...... at the last shop we received our free commemorative pins for having all eight shops stamped on our passports...
...the stamped passports also served as entries to some drawings for giveaway baskets and gift certificates ...... i am still waiting for Auntia to post her treasures ... she did buy some pretty cool stuff ...... for anyone who is curious about the witch pattern that i regretted leaving behind ... the designer is Happy Hollow Designs and she is called a stick witch ... i couldn't find her on the design company's website ... but you can get the pattern and the embellishment kit here ...... and now i'm gonna go watch Hell's Kitchen - i haven't heard Chef Gordon Ramsey throw any eff bombs in the past seven days and i wanna know who will be the next f@C%ing stupid donkey


  1. Boy the Thread/bobbin thingy is sure a great idea *& it was free!
    You have pretty good luck at drawing/giveaways - I hope you win something or Auntia, either one is fine with me.....

    I have never watched Hell's Kitchen, I should see if it is on any of the channels we get.

    Hope all is well there this evening. I have to post my day before I fall asleep. Yawn.

  2. Sounds like a great shop hop! I love the golf tee idea!

  3. I love the pin. I think last years was the best pin that we have gotten (ya know out of the three). I had so much fun and I look forward to next time. Although I think you should get the directions instead of me. Tee Hee!!!

  4. We should look each other up next year. I couldn't have gone this year because I was in Utah seeing the Twilight Quilt in the museum. I usually don't go because I don't have anyone to go with.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by the blog. The New Moon moon with Bella and Edward is an image printed on Jacquard's printable organza and then fused to a fabric. I cut it out as a circle, pressed under edges, and then machine sewed with monofilament very close to the edge.