Monday, August 10, 2009

electric needles and batik panic

i went back to Harriet's Treadle Arts yesterday to take a picture of their version of the Rocky Mountain Fever Quilt Shop Hop quilt and to order some of the hop's batiks...i took a close up of the sign...when i read the first few lines i thought an electric needle?!? i gotta get me one of those!!! and then i read the rest and decided that i already have one or two electric needles ... anywho ... unfortunately Harriet's wasn't taking orders for the batiks and i ended up buying a couple of quilty cards and a fat quarter of a green batik that i think will work for Mr. Husker's fishes ... then i took off for Tomorrow's Heirlooms because i was sure they were taking orders and because they tear fabric instead of whacking it off the bolt with a rotary cutter (i lose lottsa fabric inches that way - the worst was a total of 8 inches to get the fabric squared up - sheesh) ... both shops had calmed down considerably - there were still a few shop hop stragglers but not the dozens and dozens like the day before ... Auntia had decided that she wanted the very light multi-colored and i wanted the dark green ... so i was prepared to order a total of 5 yards and take my chances on the other five colors when they came in ... but then i found out that if i wanted any of the batiks that the order had to be placed and paid for by store closing yesterday afternoon and i got kinda panicky ... i had been so very, very good at not impulse buying all weekend that it must have made me explode because i ordered 2 yards of each of the different colors, plus extra of the dark green and the very light multi for a total of 15 yards of fabric ... holy crap - what was i thinking?!?
well ... i'll tell you what i was thinking ... i was thinking ARGHHH! this fabric is NEVER gonna be available again!!! this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!!
my brain went whoosh!!!
and the credit card went swish!!!
and i walked out of the store in a hazy daze ... and then i drowned my sorrows in a raspberry iced tea and smothered my shame with a grilled chicken burrito from Qdoba (is it just me or does $5.99 seem like a lot of money for a burrito?)


  1. Wow! You had better really, really, REALLY love that fabric! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. I don't blame you, I love the fabric too and I would have done the same thing in your shoes!