Thursday, August 13, 2009

cash crop

we saw this beautiful field of sunflowers on the way to longmont last saturday...
...they are especially pretty with the rocky mountains in the background......sunflowers are Auntia's favorite flower so i drove back the same way so she could take some pictures......and it is so cool how they follow the sun throughout the day......there were lottsa fields of wheat and corn and cabbages, too ... but i am glad that sunflowers are a cash crop ... they are so cheery... and sunflower oil is a very good thing, innit?


  1. Those sunflowers were blooming at the right time, I really needed some cheer that early in the morning. I was so excited to be on the right side of the road at the right time (at sun rise) to have their smiling faces looking up at us.

  2. Very sunny indeed. What a treat to see.

  3. Pretty pretty! Sunflowers always look like cheerful little faces.