Sunday, August 16, 2009

jammies and fireworks and tutus, oh my!

saturday was a good day ... i cleaned house for a little bit (groan) and then i took a shower (sniff) and put on some clean jammies (love those jimmiejams) and started piecing the wintergraphix 2 fabric using Kim's Fireworks ... Auntia worked with her sheri berry fabric and Kim's pattern, too ... i had to stop piecing to work on some peekaboobies ( nursing covers) that i promised Mrs. Moth i would have finished by next friday ... and Auntia wandered off to read...
i like it ...i love it ... i want some more of it
...but i did manage to finish up the center this afternoon after we came back from singing happy birthday to Princess Itty Bitty of the TwoTwo...
princess itty bitty of the twotwo and her birthday balloon
...she did a little dance when we sang to her ... at least she recognized it as music......Little Nonnie was able to escape the care center and soak up some shade ... i feasted on cherry chip cupcakes with cherry frosting and little princess tiara stickums ...... Mr. Husker has been stockpiling hay and it was very sneezy Near Lyons ... i came back looking like Aloysius Snuffleupagus ...... the fields between here and there and back again are just about ready for harvest ...... today was a good day


  1. Oooohh those colours together. Your litele Princess Twotwo is very cute too, hello to her from Oz.

  2. Lovely! And the Wintergraphix fabric you showed in the previous post--that's the border, right? It will look great! I, too, order from Desperate Quilters and they always do a good job for me, and they usually have the best prices as well. I wonder if that's where I finally bought my Wintergraphix fabrics? I went with the traditional red/green of the line. And I have no idea what I'll make!

    Oh, BTW, it's kind of funny that you're making my Fireworks! pattern NOW because that's what I'm quilting now--my Halloween version. I'm anxious to get back to piecing the Buggy Barn witches though!

  3. Beautiful! I like this pattern and I especially like the colors.