Wednesday, August 26, 2009

stuck in the middle

it has been months since i posted about mr. husker's homestead ... i was stuck ... i put some trees together and then decided that it needed a lake (since there is a lake - well, midwesterners would call it a little pond, but it is a lake here in the foothills - near the real life homestead ... and since mr. husker likes to fish - not in the lake by his home because i think all it has in it are carp and a few minnows - at Lake McConaughy) ... but i couldn't figure out how to stretch a lake all the way across the quilt without it looking dorky ... i searched for landscape quilts with lakes and rivers and saw that most of them had water framed with trees ...... more trees ...... hmmm ...... i found this cool site with free patterns and printed out some paper-pieced willows ... after piecing the willow trees, i taped them up on the magic shop's door (which was serving as a design wall) and stood back to look at them ...... hmmm ...... just didn't look like trees to me ... so i put all of it away and didn't think about it anymore since i was so far behind on everything else and i don't really need mr. husker's quilt till the end of march ...... but this morning i was gifted with three blissfully unplanned hours ...what to do? what to do? pull weeds and water ... after about 30 minutes of that nonsense, i came inside and took another look at those willow trees ... and i decided that they didn't look too bad after all ... so i cut some strips of the water batik and started putting the next band of the homestead together...i think that sun is pretty doggone cool - kinda looks like colorado's flag ... but opposite
...when the unplanned hours ran out, i did what i had to do ...... and then i finished adding the background fence in front of the lake ... the green rectangles in the water are gonna have fish quilted onto them ...... the bottom part of the quilt is still in bits and pieces ... i have to make a flagpole and another tree or two or ten ... and figure out the garden ... and a whole bunch of other stuff ... but i'm not stuck in the middle anymore


  1. I like the addition of the willows. Very cool. You often see them by water too. It is coming along nicely!

  2. We have willows here too.....they are very pretty trees, but are a problem in Oz because they suck up a lot of water from under the ground. Looking forward to seeing more of the homestead!