Wednesday, August 19, 2009

michael myson

today is my youngest son's birthday ... and by the time i post this, he will be EXACTLY 27 years old...
Michael Myson and his little niece, LuLu
..when Michael was Mikey, he waited till i was busy in the basement with laundry ... he picked up his new baby sister ... he dropped his new baby sister ... on the floor ... on her head ... twice ... he was very short at the time and so the fall was minimal ... ahem ... the new baby sister grew up to be the lovely, sweet Auntia and she is practically perfect in every way ... but he has never shown any interest in holding a brand new baby since ... so this picture of him holding LuLu is a keeper...

happy birthday, baby boy!


  1. Makes you wonder where those years have gone, doesn't it?

  2. YOU, have a child who is 27 years old?

    Fine looking young man. I am sure that he does your heart proud. Reminds me of that song, Turn Around. My dad used to love to hum that. Turn around and they are tiny, turn around and they are grown, turn around and they are a young man going out on their own (well, we can hope can't we.... :0)

    Happy Birth - Day Mum!

  3. PS
    Sorry didn't mention and meant to say - the baby is cute too. :0)

  4. Happy birthday to your "baby" ..... (sigh) they grow up WAY too fast don't they? and what a CUTEY PIE he's holding !!!

    P.S. thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment on the hot pack/cold pack cover !! xoxo