Saturday, August 15, 2009


while we were shop hopping last saturday, i looked and looked and looked for wintergraphix 2 ... all of the shops had lovely christmas fabric, but my heart was set on the new wintergraphix ...... Auntia and i both loved last year's wintergraphix and bought kits for each other (when they went on sale) that were put together by The Quilter's Studio ... the kits are still in their party bags and are likely to stay there a while ...... i was sure that out of eight different shops, at least one of them would have the new fabric ... TQS had some of this year's fabric, but not the pieces that i was looking for ... the people in other shops had a deer in the headlights look when i asked for wintergraphix 2 ... anywho ... i came home empty-handed except for the other stuff that i bought wah wah wah ... Auntia was looking for have a sheri berry holiday and it was pretty much the same story - TQS had some of the pieces but not all of them - and she came home without buying any of her choices, either ... so she searched the internet and found yardage of both of the lines that we were looking for at Desperate Quilters ... i have made purchases from Desperate Quilters before and i absolutely love them ... they carry complete lines of fabric at reasonable prices ... their customer service is beyond belief - the one time that i had a problem with an order it was corrected within 24 hours with an apology and no excuses ... they never over-charge on shipping and there is always a free goodie in the package when it is delivered ... and i love the name ... desperate quilters, indeed ... so we ordered our fabric on sunday (before i went into batik panic) and it arrived on wednesday ... it is washed and pressed and ready for the magic to happen ...... we were supposed to work on Buggy Barn blocks (if the hat fits for me and crazy flakes for Auntia) while Kim is teaching her Buggy Barn class today ... but i don't have everything that i need for my blocks, so we are gonna do fireworks instead...pretty, innit?!?

p.s. - Gran is hosting a giveaway of 30's fabrics ... go check out her blog! she has recipes and stories and embroidery and a lovely, sweet attitude!

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  1. I love the Winter Graphix line also. LTW bought some and also the book. Did you buy the pattern book already? If not has it for under $10. I have ordered from Desperate Quilters before too and they are great! I can't wait to see what you do with this fabric. It is so freaking SWEET!!