Wednesday, October 28, 2009


and here's the planter 6 hours later...seriously?!? back and shoulders have had enough of shoveling snow for the day

when i wasn't outside shoveling the walks and drive and knocking snow off of the trees that didn't get a chance to lose their leaves i worked on this pile of fabric...woof! woof!Lone Wolf by South Seas ... mmhmmm ... look at all that snow ... glad i don't have to shovel it!
have you ever bought fabric knowing that you need to make a quilt out of it with no plan whatsoever?
my other brother from the same mother will be 60 on March 28, 2010 the day before Mr. Husker and i need to make a quilt for him ... the Other One lives about fifty miles from here, in the high foothills of the Rocky Mountains ... he moved there from the suburbs a few years ago ... i've never seen his mountain home and i don't know much about him anymore ... he has called himself the black sheep of the family but actually it is me who baaas from my little sheep mouth ... when we were kids, i thought of him as a lone wolf ... maybe he is a lone wolf in black sheep's clothing - ha ha ha!
anywho, a few months ago i asked his daughter the lovely Princess Sarah if she could give me any ideas for a quilt for Other One and she told me that he loves national parks and north american wildlife and that he prefers earth tones ... hoo boy - me and earth tones - like that's gonna work, eh?
so i started the search ... i decided on Snowy Silence by South Seas and ordered the panel and some yardage way back in february ... and waited to be inspired ... and waited ... and waited ... and then i saw the Lone Wolf panel and changed my mind ... that's okay since i still didn't have a plan for Snowy Silence ... i ordered the wolf panel and some yardage ... and waited to be inspired ... and waited ... and waited ... i guess my muses have been on furlough cuz my quilting mojo done got up and went ... when Mr. Husker's Homestead made its way off the sewing table i knew i'd better come up with something - inspired or not - and this is it...mutter ... mutter ... mutter
a plan of sorts for a band quilt using the panel and the stripes, the trees and the sky ... i couldn't find any fabric online that i liked for paw prints in the snow - so Auntia and i went to JoAnns - i fussed with white on whites and cream on creams and blues and browns and greys until Auntia made the decisions for me - i'd prolly still be there if she hadn't - thank you, Auntia ... so last weekend i worked on 240 half square triangles......i'm gonna need to make 24 more because - and this is gonna be a shocker - i changed my mind ... and today i cut out 264 of theseand 66 of theseso i can make 66 of theseand then i can make 66 of these!
these is a weird looking word ... i did spellcheck because it just doesn't look right ... but it is ...... anywho ...... can you tell that i am really not wanting to go back to the magick shoppe and work on those snowballs? i'm running out of excuses...
i finished reading An Echo In The Bone ... but Auntia hasn't - she keeps asking for spoilers and i dunno when to keep my mouth shut ... she asked me to make her a quilt with Wolf Song because her favorite character is Rollo - she's rather fond of wee Ian, too ... wait till she finds out what Diana Gabaldon does to the two of them in this book ... and i think that the paw prints will look cool for her wolf quilt, too ...... okay ... okay ... okay ... back to work


  1. Wow! This weather is something....

    I'm eager to follow the progress of this quilt.

  2. I don't now what I am more curious about the end result of your quilt or reading a Gabaldon book. I am fascinated by your process!
    PS I guess you are still shoveling out. I paid my dues in the old country....
    Peace and epson salts be with you.

  3. Looks like the quilt will be wonderful! I love all those wolf prints. I am jealous that you are so far in that Gabaldon series. I am reading Drums of Autumn. I love wee Ian and Rollo too. Please tell me nothing untoward happens to them, k?

  4. ". . . have you ever bought fabric knowing that you need to make a quilt out of it with no plan whatsoever?" WAIT! WHAT?! Are you implying that THERE'S SOME OTHER WAY of buying fabric? Have I been doing it wrong all these years? Am I really supposed to COME UP WITH A PLAN first and THEN--and only THEN--go find the fabric? Nah! Tell me it isn't so! That's the most backward thing I ever heard of! All that high altitude and white stuff on the ground must be affecting your sanity!