Wednesday, October 21, 2009

toot toot tootsies

thought i'd post a picture or two of some of those leggings/socks in pair of knee highs = leggings for one and socks for the other of my sweet baby girls
my babies are just too doggone cute first thing in the morning...NoJo is the best big brother any little sister ever had ... and check out Gumdrop's fancy candy corn socks!
and here is a picture of the m&m's just before they left for school ... i cross stitched the cat eyes on Gumdrop's sweatshirt more than fifteen years ago - for Auntia ... either she didn't wear it very much or she takes very good care of her clothes ... LuLu's onesie says i (heart) my mummy ... and it glows in the dark


  1. They are absolutely adorable!
    There is so much joy in each of their faces!

    Aren't socks fun! You have reminded me that I used to have so much fun with them. I need to dust that character trait off and revive it.

  2. Adorable

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Very cute kids and that goes for Melissa too! :o)