Saturday, October 10, 2009

not too

today we were supposed to go to The Quilter's Studio for the Saturday Sampler 3 BOM ... but we missed the meeting this morning because it was snowing ... the roads were icy and slicker than i'm trying to think of another word for snot that isn't even more gross i've seen them in a month of sundays cuz somebody didn't bother to sand them or spray them with magnesium chloride ... we were out bright and early to go to Hallmark for their limited edition ornament event ... ooooh! new Star Trek ornaments! shiny!!!
... and slipped and slid and slipped some more ... by the time we made it out of the store and back onto the streets, it was even icier and most of the metro area was on accident alert ... we decided that paying $5 for the fat quarters and instructions for october's BOM made more sense than risking life and limb ... so we went home and i worked on Mr. Husker's borders while Auntia watched Lie to Me Season One dvds that we rented from Blockbuster Online...just the outer border on Mr. Husker's Homestead and it will be ready to quilt ... woo hoo!!! i had to stand on a foot stool while Auntia took this picture - Mr. Husker is not a short man and needs a nice, long quilt
...i was still waffling on what the outer border should be ...... it needs to be not too wide and not too narrow and not too busy and not too distracting ...... then i looked at the picture... i'm gonna go with more of the red ... of course, i didn't have enough left to go all the way around the quilt one more time ...... by noon the snow had stopped and within an hour most of the streets were cleared ... so i went to Hobby Lobby and bought another yard of the red ... i needed 28 inches but the way i've been with measuring lately it just makes sense to get a couple of inches more ... and i actually walked out of the store having spent less than five dollars! that never happens ... i gotta admit, i was distracted more than once with other cool things that i would have bought on impulse and later asked myself what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks was i thinking?!!? if Auntia hadn't been there to keep me on task ... she was even better than me - she didn't spend any money at all ... at Hobby Lobby ...... but we still had to go to TQS for our SS3 BOM pattern and fat quarters ... and the store wasn't crowded with its usual hustle and bustle of saturday morning quilters ... so we were able to look around a bit ... and Auntia fell in love with a little quilt made with Sherry Berry christmas fabric charms and a bit of yardage...ooooh! i love that little pinwheel quilt!
...she has a quilt top already started using Kim's Fireworks pattern in the same fabric ... but this one spoke to her, too ... sigh ... i didn't argue too much - i wanted the pattern anyway for some charm packs that i have from Stella Bella's giveaway (thank you again, Gretchen!) a few months ago ... anywho, we made our purchases and then stopped at McDonald's for a strawberry milk shake for Little Nonnie...
a swan and posies and the sea and some tulips
...she had her hair done yesterday, but still didn't want her picture taken ... so i told her i would show off her watercolors instead ... after we left Little Nonnie we went to JoAnn's ... Auntia bought three skeins of yarn for scarves for herself...selfish ... selfish ... selfish ...she's already five inches into a scarf to match the periwinkle blue hat that i crocheted for her last winter
and a creepy pumpkin with a skull on it (no picture - too creepy) and a pair of candy corn flip flops (which we used to call thongs ... but now thongs are underwear ... what is this world coming to?!?)
and i bought a little pumpkin made with cheeto-colored daisies that was 60% off - woo hoo! for the kitchen table and some queen-sized bamboo batting with my 50% off soon as i took this picture the table was re-piled with all the junk that sits on it most of the time ... sometimes i forget that it has a black top
and then we came home ... most of the snow that fell has already melted and tomorrow is supposed to be a much warmer autumn day instead of old man winter and his little buddy jack frost showing up uninvited when i have things to do ... places to go ... people to see


  1. What a fun filled Saturday - let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. NOT!

    I am glad that you made it through the day with any mishaps on the road.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. A little snow cannot stop you when you need to get fabric & supplies!! You go girl! Since when does it snow in early October anyway??? It's 80 degrees here in GA, do you want me to send it your way?

  3. What a BIG adventure you two had! I love the Sheri Berry fabrics and will be interested to see how hers turns out.

  4. What a busy day! And I love Mr. Husker's Homestead. The red was a real surprise--it works very nicely!

  5. Snow in october? OMG! I think you should move to better places..You did very good spending so little or was it 'cause you're wallet was frozen?
    BTW Gumdrop looks very stylish!