Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gumdrop and Heart

Gumdrop has been waiting patiently ahem for me to feature her little friend - Heart the Bear ... both of them think that Boxy the Turtle gets too much post time...Heart is left-footed ... just like Gumdrop
...so here is a picture of Heart dressed like Gumdrop when she's playing soccer...get those cleats off the hardwood floor! and leave that door alone before you smash your fingers!
...and a picture of Gumdrop getting ready to go to soccer practice ... she is new to the sport ... the only advice i could offer was pretend like you've just had your nails done (so you don't use your hands) and wear your shin guards ... i'd bubble wrap my little grandbabies - if i could - and protect them from the cold cruel world ... she just sighed and rolled her eyes

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  1. Both my girls are playing soccer this year. It's my 8-year olds first year--she wanted to play because all her new friends were on the team. Her coach is trying to get the girls to be more aggressive, but without using their elbows. LOL Oh, and for the goalie not to hang off of the goal or do cartwheels in goal. I love watching the 13-year old play with her team. Those girls really get on it!