Wednesday, October 28, 2009

enough already

it has been snowing here since 10pm last night ... and it isn't expected to stop till 6pm tomorrow ... most of the schools were canceled by 5am - even though the accumulation this morning was only two or three inches - because the weather dudes and weather dudettes said it was gonna snow and snow and much for the geraniums in that basket ... and it's only noon!
... and - boy howdy - were they right, or what?!?


  1. We ARE getting pounded aren't we?! My school district didn't cancel until 7:30ish. We were headed out the door.....

  2. I've been thinking about you since I saw the news last night. It's a little early for that kind of weather, don't ya think? We're getting pounded with rain this morning and it's not really very cold. Good weather to stay inside and sew if you can. Stay warm and safe!!!

  3. Boy that geranium is a gonner. You hit the news here in California.