Thursday, October 29, 2009

snow den

are you tired of this planter yet? i know that i am!
yes ... yes ... it is still snowing ... i tried to take a picture of the big green egg on the back patio because it has at least 25 inches piled on top of it but the screen door is frozen shut and i am not walking around through a gazillion (when i went to bed last night the official accumulation was 17.5 inches for Broomfield ... and there were 8 more inches waiting for me on the driveway this morning) inches of snow to get close enough ... and underneath it all is a thin sheet of ice ... lottsa whoops! whoops! whoops! this morning ... i'm gonna leave snowball-making to the little ones cuz it's another snow day and work on my kinda snowball in the magick shoppe whilst sipping hot chocolate with lottsa marshmallows ... and maybe Auntia will bake some cookies


  1. Oh my gosh - look at that snow!


    P.S. - Good Guess!

  2. It is pretty no matter what you say.... And the geranium is really not coming back to life, frozen. I can hear the crunch from your boots on the snow as you grab your shovel to go did yourself out. Whoops, the thin sheet of ice under all the snow is dangerous, and I will be hoping if you do adventure out that you make it home safely!.

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful....

  3. Did your snow melt yet? Hope you didn't have to trick or treat in a snowmobile suit!!!!! (Do they still call them snowmobile suits or am I just old!!???!!!)

  4. I'd sell the house and head for FL.! Are you kidding me? SNOW? OMG, yep! I'd be calling the realtor; forget that! LOL!