Monday, October 19, 2009

six of one...

there was no sewing going on this weekend ... sigh ... but i have made some progress in the past couple of weeks ... Mr. Husker's Homestead has the final borders on it, the backing is pieced and i'm working on some embellishments before it goes on the frame (no picture - it doesn't look much different than it did here - and it is too long for me to hold up off the floor without a ladder)...who said i never (half) finish anything?!?
the Wintergraphix 2 from Kim's Fireworks! pattern is now a flimsy - the last time i posted about it i was waffling about the inner border ... i couldn't decide between the gold dots or the blue snowflakes ... so i didn't go with either ... the backing is pieced and bamboo batting is on sale at JoAnns (woo hoo!) ... so it is ready to join the pile of other tops waiting to be quilted...LuLu's gonna be stylin'!!!
...the latest baby girl fashion statement is leggings ... i looked at a pair that were priced around $16 and decided that i could buy knee socks and a bit of ribbing for a whole lot less ... i didn't save the sock part of the first couple of pairs that i made - until Auntia asked me why i wasn't putting ribbing on the bottoms to make socks for her - duh, huh?!? the smaller pairs are made from little girl knee high socks (so Gumdrop and LuLu will have matching footwear) and the others are from women's knee highs...bungle in the jungle
...and i am caught up with the Saturday Sampler 3 BOM blocks ... i started over again after i decided that i hated the way the blocks were looking ... two of the leopard prints are now a green batik and a green botanical and i like them a lot better ... i'm still not crazy about the whole jungle theme - so Auntia told me that she will trade quilts with me when we are finished ... woo hoo!


  1. I have a cowgirl quilt that I lost interest in but now am happy to go back to finishing...quilting is like that!

  2. Darned cute Wintergraphix quilt! LOL! Funny how we can't decide between one thing and another and end up going with something TOTALLY different! I like the way it's turned out so far. AND the ones I've made? The quilting has gone pretty fast--I hope you have the same experience!