Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my ugly hat

did anyone ever tell you that if your feet are cold you should wear a hat? or that 90% of your body's heat escapes from your head? somebody told me that stuff ... and i told my kids with conviction - although i did not even do so much as a search in Google ... well ... i dunno if it's true ... my feet do seem to be warmer when i have a hat on my head
i don't want anyone i care about to have cold feet ... so i crochet hats for people i love ... lemme rephrase that - i haven't crocheted a hat for every person i love - yet - so don't be sending me any nasty emails asking where your hat is...
anywho, i modified the pattern that i use for preemie hats to make bigger hats for bigger heads ... i always seem to have some yarn left ... not enough to make anything ... not even enough to give to whichever charity calls for donations of discarded household stuff ... but i don't like throwing away perfectly good yarn ... scraps of yarn were starting to pile up ... so i came up with a plan ... i started a scrappy hat ... and each time i had some yarn leftover from a hat for someone else, i crocheted it into this hat...i love my hat ... and no one will ever try to steal it on accounta it's so ugly
...uhm ... yeah ... not much to look at ... i tried to give it to Auntia ... and NoJo ... and Gumdrop ... and Michael Myson ... and the dog next door ... and the crow in the tree across the street ... no takers ... so i think i'm gonna keep this one for me


  1. Very cute 10 Chuckle story....Thank you!!!

    If the hat is too small after that compliment swells your head, I will take the hat. LOL

    I will have to try wearing a hat. I'm always cold, including my feet, and so I'm willing to try anything.

  2. Cute hat!
    Said in the same voice of the little mouse, who used to be on the Ed Sulivan Show, (forgot he was before your time) Topo Gigio -
    "MYYYYY Hattti Size IIIIIIZZZZZZ Large." ;0)

    Sorry you just had to be alive then to get my attempt at jest.

    I do think you have a point about feet and heads being kept warm, I know if my feet get cold my throat starts to hurt. But that is just me, you know old as dirt me.

    Beautiful crotcheting AND You make a great pompom!

    Tootles and keep those feet warm and toasty.

  3. Too fun! My Mom always had us wearing hats...to keep us warm in winter and to keep the sun off in summer....

  4. What if your problem isn't cold feet but hot flashes? Ah, maybe THEN you need to move to Colorado and wear a hat! Seriously, though, if my feet are cold, I usually just wear socks. I prefer the direct approach.