Saturday, October 24, 2009

guest bloggers - the sequel

today's post features my most favorite little baby girl in the whole wide world...yes - my granddaughter did inherit my sense of style!
...and her little friendgiraffes trump butterflies ... and flamingos trump giraffes
today's weather is much colder than it was the last time i took their picture together...
aawww! aren't they sweet!!! just don't try taking their binkies - you do NOT want to go there! LuLu is the little sweetie waving at her crazy nonna with the camera ... gotta love her - she's the baby!


  1. the day had such a pretty start and then it got windy and cold--hmmm....I reminded myself that it IS October afterall.

    cute entry!

  2. How supercute!!!I sure can imagine that you are a very, VERY proud grandmother! Loved the birthdaypic too:)

  3. What cute children - and they belong to you grandma. Life is good!