Friday, March 6, 2009

heading out

tomorrow we will be going to The Quilter's Studio for the quilt block of the month meeting. we are using the Block Party book by Marsha McCloskey and the hydrangea line of fabrics from Lakehouse. Auntia and i are both participating; she is going to incorporate all of our blocks into one quilt. i am making the assigned blocks and the alternates (times three) in pinks and oranges so i can make (more) quilts for my (soon to be three) granddaughters. Auntia is making the same blocks with greys and blacks and oranges and yellows, and a celestial fabric for the focus. at last month's meeting the shop displayed finished quilts from last year's BOM sampler and they were really, really cool. the fabrics were all batiks and, even though everyone made the same blocks from the same fabrics, none of the quilts were the same.

after the BOM meeting, we will walk across the street to The Stitcher's Garden and pick up all of the threads and charms that have been on backorder for Peanut Butter Cup's stocking. i've started Littlelle's stocking (i already had the threads and charms) ... i dunno if they will be completed by christmas ... i have stitched ten Shepherds Bush stockings in the past few years, and i know that it will take a loooong time to finish two more.

after we have spent all of our money on Main Street, we will go to visit Little Nonnie. she says that she really misses real food ... maybe i will bake a pineapple upside-down cake tonight and take a piece to her ... it depends on if my wrists will let me flip the cast iron skillet.

and then ... and then ... and then we get to eat Schlotsky's for lunch! woo hoo! can you believe that the closest Schlotsky's is almost 30 miles away! seriously!

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