Wednesday, March 18, 2009

holy space shuttle, batman!

now that there is (er, was) a bat in the space program, i thought i'd post pictures of NoJo's bat quilt ... i took a stack-n-whack class a few years ago and went a little crazy buying novelty prints and making kaleidoscope quilts for my unsuspecting friends and family - this is one of them...
Batman was NoJo's favorite superhero at the time ... we've had a few discussions about who is and who is not a superhero ... since Batman fights evil with a bunch of really nifty gadgets, but has no actual superpowers, does he qualify for superhero status? NoJo says yes, but i think that Batman is an ordinary man doing extraordinary things ... especially when George Clooney is playing the part ... not that there is anything ordinary about George Clooney (sigh) ...
this was a very early attempt at free motion quilting on the Inspira frame ... the spacing is a bit (ok ... oh-kay ... a LOT) off and i don't have a stitch regulator, but NoJo loves it just the same...the Bat Quilt!

and ... remember, "I'm poison ... Poison Ivy"

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  1. Hi Dianne...I tried to email you to reply to your comment about taking pictures to label containers with, but you are a "no reply" blogger. That's a great idea and I think I'll try it. Lists don't do it for me either (I tend to lose

    Hey I used to live near Central City and go to school at Nederland when I was a kid. I am a Colorado girl at heart (born in LaJunta)and I miss the mountains.