Sunday, March 22, 2009

less is more

i can't post what i've been working on this weekend because they are birthday presents for Peanut Butter Cup ... she will be one year old on thursday ... so i think i will post the quilt that i gave to Littlelle at the baby shower last week ... it is (shudder) pink and brown and will be named butterfly kisses, too when i learn what the baby's name really is ... the block is called twinkling stars ... i like how it turned out, but i am so done with pink and brown (for a little while, anyway) and i absolutely despise those brown butterflies in the focus fabric ... i still have 2 yards of it left ... it was supposed to be a border, but it looked icky ... so i decided on the narrow brown border.

it is quilted with free motion butterflies ... i think i am done with butterflies for a while, too ... i didn't take a picture of all of the shower gifts ... i found myself adding more and more and more, till i finally wrapped everything in tissue paper and put all of it in two (big) boxes because ... well, because sometimes less is more ......

see that pink and brown crocheted baby afghan and hat? did i mention that i have had enough of pink and brown to last a very, very long time?


  1. HAHAHA, this post cracked me up!! I am with you sista!! I love the pattern of this quilt but I'm with you on pink and brown. I did a baby quilt with that too, although mine was a little more subtle.

  2. It is a lovely quilt though and the pink and brown do go together very nicely!