Thursday, March 12, 2009

march 11, 2009

here's wishing a belated happy 50th birthday to Barbie!

i have owned one Barbie doll in my life - back when she had a high up pony tail, wore a black and white striped bathing suit, and always stood on her tippy toes - and that one was too much for me. one day i decided to smooth out her hair ...... there was a huge (relatively speaking, of course) hole on the top of her head, just underneath the ponytail holder ... i tried and tried, unsuccessfully, to rearrange her hair so that the hole wouldn't show.

i remember hiding Barbie from my mother for months - i knew there was a spanking waiting for me.

anywho, i found a link (not for eyes younger than ... uhmmm ... twenty-two or so) to Cougar Barbie ... i bet she has a hole in her head, too.

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